Best Gadget Gift for Father-Mother-Valentines Day

How about making your beloved’s favorite hot beverage, and suddenly the cup shows the message of your heart – “I LOVE YOU”. Isn’t it romantic? Just imagine the reaction guys…!

The very first glance of this mug doesn’t say much as the dots with small hearts are not good visible. As soon as the inner wall of mug is heated the dots come together and display the three magical letters. And Yes…..! It really works.

The mug doesn’t have any pigment, the color just changes due to the thermo chrome coating that is present on the wall of mug. And the best part is that the mug becomes almost transparent when hot beverage is poured into it. This gadget is very sensitive, hand washable. Don’t you ever try to put it in Microwave oven or Dishwashers? If heated from outside just once, the thermo chrome coating will lose its power.

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Heat Changing Love Mug Features

• One side of the mug has “I will tell you”.
• After hot liquid poured in, the other side of mug will display ‘I Love You’.
• Food safe Porcelain.
• Background of mug is white.

Love Mug Specifications

• Size: 8×10.5 cm.
• Weight: 368g.
• Material Used: Porcelain.
Best Gift for Mother - Valentines Day

This mug can act as a wonderful gift on Mother’s or Father’s Day as well or any other day. Matter is just about showing respect. It has been observed that at times when there is a great need to show emotions, these sorts of gifts have taken the breath. The company has been indulged in designing the Microwave resistant mugs and the mugs that show some different text as well. As you know innovation is not limited to the mindset, however it comes out of its own. You may see a boiler after six months that say turn-off the gas etc.

These days the Heat Changing Love Mug is becoming one of the most prominent gift items round the globe. No matter it is Mother’s, Father’s or Valentine’s Day, people are using the Heat Changing Love Mug on all days. Just like any other normal mug the Changing Love Mug takes very less space in your travel bag so that you can take it back home from a long travel.

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