How To Increase Your Broadband Internet Connection Speed

Surfing the Internet at a very slow and unhealthy speed can annoy the person that is using it but if there is something that the person can do in order to get rid of it – that idea will be welcomed with both hands and it wouldn’t be too long before the person will start to enjoy his internet connection back at a very good speed but getting the exact clue on how to solve the unconventional problem of slow internet connectivity is an equation that is still waiting to be solve for ages but that doesn’t mean that there is no possible solution to this glitch. There will always be a solution to a certain problems and in this article, below, we shall be seeing more about what you should do to increase the speed of your internet connection and possible steps you can take in getting the best from your internet access.

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Check Your OS Default Settings
Your computer operating system can be one of the causes that make your Internet connection to malfunction. By default, most of the windows operating system such as Window XP reserve about 15-20% of your internet connection speed for the normal windows update, adware and spyware test and to protect your computer system from virus attack. This option has been enabled by default from the Microsoft and it can be disable if you discover that your internet connection speed is becoming too near to the ground by following this simple steps:

On your Windows based computer screen, locate START and click on RUN, In the box provided to you after clicking on RUN, then type this word gpedit.msc and carefully press the enter button on your keyboard key. The next page will pop up with the name Local Computer Policy, look around the box page and at the left side of the box under computer configuration, select Administrative Templates and expand it by clicking on the plus (+) sign, also expand the Network tag that is there and then click on QoS Packet Scheduler which is closely under the network tab of your computer screen, look by the right hand of your screen and double click or right-click and select Limit Reservable Bandwidth and a box will popup to show its properties and click on the Enabled option. Also in the bandwidth Limit option, adjust the maximum value from 20% to 0% and click ‘ok’ then exit and restart your computer and you will notice that your internet connection speed will increase significantly.
Steps to Increase Internet Speed

Use Great Antivirus Software
One major thing that you can do to put an end to slow internet connection is to start using a good and up to date antivirus software in order to protect your computer from getting infected in which can affect your internet connection speed and data download rate but with the involvement of an updated virus prevention software, you can be sure of enjoying your internet connection and it will also aid your productivity. One thing that you need to also consider is to know that, not all antivirus softwares are real, so you need to exercise your due diligence in picking the best and reliable antivirus for your computer and internet connection protection.

Disable All Underground Application
Some applications use the internet to perform their tasks underground (unknown to you as the admin of the internet connection) and thereby consuming much of bandwidth and also making it too hard to connect to the internet due to sluggishness in the internet connection speed. Make sure you’re careful with which software application you install on your computer so that your bandwidth won’t just end mysteriously.

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