Funny Apps on iPhone

If you’re still bored after downloading any of these ten funny apps, it’s your own fault.

1. FML

When you’re having a bad day, you don’t want friends to cheer you with bland assurances of “It’s not so bad, sweetie.” You want them to reveal how much crappier of a day they’re having than yours. FML is the mobile broadband version of the popular website FMyLife.


2. Texts From Last Night

This app works similarly to FML but with a mortifying twist. Let’s say you’re drunk, sleep deprived and behaving in ways you’ll regret tomorrow. You suddenly feel compelled to send a text message that you’ll regret tomorrow! Back in simpler days, it ended right there. Now, with TFLN, everyone can laugh with/at you when those texts get broadcast far and wide.

Texts from Last Night

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3. Sleep Talk Recorder

Now that your humiliating texts have gone out, it’s time to turn the tables on the perpetrators. Record them talking in their sleep! This app is also handy for spouses whose noisier halves insist they never snore. Those captivating night noises can even be sent to friends and family, and you can listen to theirs.

Sleep Talk

4. Voices

Are you the kind of person who’s always been the first to suck the helium at the birthday party? Back away from the tank. Get the helium voice, plus many others, without the helium. You can also vary the speed so you sound like the fine print on a radio advertisement.


5. iFart

There’s something about the sound of flatulence that instantly transports you to the glory days of middle school. IFart is a vast improvement on the whoopee cushion of your youth. Unlike the whoopee, iFart won’t suspiciously raise the sofa seat to warn the butts of your pranks. IFart even comes in delightful strengths, from the full-bodied “Burrito Maximo” to the high-pitched “Brown Mosquito”.


6. Funny Call

If iFart doesn’t take you back to middle school days, Funny Call will. Sometimes the urge to make a prank call overcomes you, but who needs the risk? Funny call alters your voice so no one will know it’s you.

Funny Calls

7. Aging Booth / Fat Booth / Bald Booth

How would your friends look old, fat or bald? For those of you with no scruples, here’s the process: 1. Apply Aging Booth. 2. Apply Fat Booth. 3. Apply Bald Booth. 4. Post on Facebook through mobile broadband. 5. Steal girlfriend/boyfriend.

Fat Booth

8. Stachetastic
Drawing magic marker moustaches on photos of your friends and enemies is so last century. Stachetastic brings those marker squiggles to life.


9. TightWire

Admittedly, some people may not see the humor in watching a fat guy in butt-cleavage-baring pants teetering on a high wire. That’s why we’re waiting for the overweight people’s revenge app, “Thin Guy on a Thread”.


10. Amazing Free Pickup Lines

This app is guaranteed to get any guy the girl of his dreams, or it’s free. Wait, it’s already free. Just in case a few lines backfire, guys will want to keep their iPhones out of tossing range of Dreamgirl’s drink.

Pick up lines

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