Logitech Z623 Speakers with 2.1 channel

Bringing another edition of latest gadget. This one is dedicated to all the music lovers. The Logitech Z623 with 200 watts of RMS power output speakers are THX certified. Now you have got an alternative to use this gadget foe multiple inputs for three different audio sources. You can use it as for home entertainment as it has got a wonderful powerful stereo sub-sat system.

A Glance
• Powerful deep bass
• Overall good sound quality
• Multiple inputs
• Good design with bass control on the satellite

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It has got a clear surround sound plus powerful deep bass. The set comes with two magnetic shield satellites, rated at 35 watts RMS total power output. There are fixed cables attached at the base and single mid-bass 3-inch driver on each satellite is protected with a non-removable speaker grille; however the tweeter is hidden behind the THX Logo. There is a power switch at the right satellite, volume control knob and bass level controller. It also supports 3.5mm stereo jack for aux-in and headphones-out.

8-inch front-facing driver with a side bass port is hammered in the subwoofer. The wooden enclosures are dimensioned as 11.9 x 11.1 x 10.4 inches. The satellite maid-bass driver is protected by metal mesh grille which makes it less likely to damage.

This is a perfect combination for the people who like the BEST of BASS. The size of the total set is not that bulky as compared to the quality of sound that the set produces. This is one of the possible reasons and biggest factors too that this Logitech Z623 is truly comparable with all the available mainstream speakers. The set doesn’t support any remote control.
Logitech Z623 Speakers

In-Box Items
• One RCA Cable
• One 3.5mm stereo cable (with three connecting ends, which are compatible to multiple audio sources).

Setting up system is as easy as playing a video game. Yes I am serious. Just plug in the three audio sources at once, and make sure the power is connected then say I LOVE OCEANOFWEB.COM seven times 🙂 . And it is all set to go. People I tried it and it really worked 🙂 .

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