A Look at How Penetration Testing Prevents and Minimizes Cyber Threats

Many enterprises have learned the unfortunate truth about what hackers can do once they penetrate a network. Enterprises of all sizes are getting more serious about increasing network security because of the recent high-profile hacking scandals that rocked some of the nation’s biggest corporations. The one thing that’s clear is that traditional methods of trying to thwart attacks are quickly becoming outdated. One of the most difficult aspects of coming up with an effective IT security plan for an enterprise’s digital assets is trying to anticipate the moves of hackers. You need a team that thinks like the hackers if you want to outsmart the hackers. Many enterprises around the globe are now turning to IT security firms that provide penetration testing services. A penetration test is a real-time stress test that is conducted by a team of skilled security engineers.

Why Penetration Testing Works
One of the best ways to stay one step ahead of hackers is to conduct penetration testing using a third-party security firm. Taking this step is essentially like hiring white-hat hackers to do their worst when it comes to attacking your network and exposing vulnerabilities. A controlled attack may give you comprehensive insights into your vulnerabilities and expose possible vectors a malicious hacker might use to infiltrate your security structure. It is often difficult for most IT security teams to replicate or carry out such a complex and comprehensive attack. Third-party companies that offer penetration testing are staffed with highly skilled and experienced engineers. These top-notch security teams work around the clock to keep up with hackers using the latest technologies, tools and techniques. They know how to perform the latest exploits in order to breach networks and systems undetected. Many times they find vulnerabilities other techniques can’t because they are using a combination of technology and human ability to discover new strategies for exploring hidden gaps in systems and networks.

Receiving the results of a penetration test is just the first step to creating a rock-solid plan for protecting a network from even the most sophisticated hackers. The next step is remediation. Solving your security issues using a methodical, prioritized, and risk rated approach is a crucial part of penetration testing and minimizing cyber threats. A good security company will walk you through the entire process. In addition, routine maintenance and updates should be performed to keep up with the ever-evolving tactics of today’s digital villains. It all comes down to prevention, detection and anticipation.

The Benefits of Penetration Testing
Conducting a penetration test is a great way to see how your network security measures would perform during a real-world attack. However, many IT security officers are wary about taking on such a big effort because they fear it will cause disruptions in network operations. A penetration testing firm such as Redspin can create a streamlined plan for conducting tests that won’t interfere with an enterprise’s day-to-day operations. A team will be poised to ensure that downtime is minimized during the testing process. The bottom line on penetration testing is that it can help enterprises of all sizes stay one step ahead of savvy cyber criminals.

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