How to wash your keyboard

Wash KeyboardDid you ever notice the dust particles entering in the soft keys of the keyboard? And if you have then you might have tried cleaning your keyboard with a piece of cloth or some spray etc. And after cleaning the keyboard what about the micro-organisms entering inside. You can use savlon or dettol…. Just kidding 🙂

It was actually not possible till now, however the innovative technology made it possible. Now you can wash your keyboard just like utensils. This is the Silver Seal Waterproof Keyboard. It works just like any other plug ‘n’ play keyboard. And can be washed through Seal Shield process i.e. it is completely spill proof, washable and bacteria free. Guess what, it is completely dishwasher resistant too. Yes it is that ultimate. So now no tension just put it directly under the tap or in bath tub full of water and cleaned. It can be used when wet, however just make sure that you are not connecting it wet handed.

The Silver Seal also has an Anti-Microbial Protection which prevents the growth of micro-organisms like bacteria. As it has the silver ions mixed in the keyboards plastic.

You don’t have to take care of L’s and A’s anymore as it has a very versatile laser itched keys. There nothing printed on the keys. Hence nothing will get vanished. As far as its power consumption is concerned, it saves 10 Percent of your electricity than the traditional one.

The Seal Shield has a large protection horizon against Abrasives, Acids, Alcohol, Alkaline, Bleach, Corrosives, Dirt, Disinfectants, Extreme Temperature, Humidity, Salt Water, Sand, Shock, Solvents, last but not the least Water. Dimensions of keyboard 46.5cm x 17.1cm x 3.3cm. A gold plated USB with a PS/2 adapter is there to connect. This keyboard is accompanied with the mouse made-up of same material and same features.

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  1. still don’t believe it.

    BTW, do you know the cost of the keyboard

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