Strange Sex during Skydiving in Air – Alex Torres Video

A video has made a huge buzz in United States in which the pornstar and part-time instructor of skydiving Alex Torres is doing sex with his woman Hope Howell who is Sky-Diving School secretary. The two are doing sex in a parachute when their parachute is falling over Kern County in California.

Doing sex in such a way in air is against the policies of FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) that says that any pilot cannot indulge in any such activity during his duty while he is in air.

Alex Torres Skydiving Sex Photos

Alex sex with Howell

Alex Torres Skydiving Sex

The issue could not have been become so hot if the video of whole act might not have fallen in the hands of school students. The students show the video and then they shared this sex-video all over the internet. They posted on youtube and facebook and thus the news spread rapidly, firstly in Kern county and then in California. The sex-video grew tremendously as any virus and soon the news spread in United States of America and now it is popular in whole world. Now the police are investigating this issue.

It looks that the entertainment of Alex and Hope Howell is becoming a tragedy now. Hope Howell is the secretary of the company and Alex Torres is sky-diving instructor. Both of these human beings are in pain now.

The video showed that Alex and Hope were doing sex in the plane and in the mid-way, jumped down in a parachute. They were in mid-way of their work when they were falling down over California in a parachute.

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Port star Torres made a video of his sex with the secretary Howell and posted it bravely on his blog. One of the school students felt pity on the girl and he shared this sex-video online. The other students followed him and soon the photographs and movie became an attraction for everybody.

In one of the scenes, the boy and the girl are doing sex in the seat which is just next to the pilot’s seat. As per Federal Aviation Administration, such acts could breach the attention of pilot and can lead to serious accidents.

The owner of Skydive Taft David Chrouch has sacked Alex from his job but secretary Howell is still with the company. But David Chrouch said that he has not yet decided that what company will do with the girl. Chances are that the girl might also be asked to leave the job.

Alex Torres – Hope Howell Skydiving Sex Video

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