Most Bites of 3 Apples during Juggling – World Record

Do you play with your food? If you are young or aged man then I think you will never play with food but if you are a child then many a times, you might have played with your food. The food can be any fruits or any cold-drink bottle. You might have thrown the water bottles in the air and have enjoyed a lot in doing so.

This throwing of food and liquid in air might have given fun and excitement to you. Sometimes, such events are organized in various exhibitions in which you get some money in lieu of such type events.

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Such food throwing events can give you little fun but have you ever wondered that such events can give you good name and fame and that too not only in your own country but across the globe.

Brian Pankey Apples Photo

Brian Pankey biting Apples

Yes, sometimes it can be. Brian Pankey has set a World Record by participating in such food throwing and eating activity. He took 3 apples. Brian took 65 bites of these 3 apples while juggling them. The 64 apple bites were taken in just 30 seconds.

Brian Pankey has entered his name in Guinness Book of World Records for this biting of apples while juggling.

These types of throwing 3-4 objects and handling them with 2 hands is a common thing that is seen in circus but the circus guys show such events in front of the audiences that come in their circus but they don’t make World Records but Brian Pankey has made a World Record with his such act.

So after knowing that throwing and catching food items can give you an entry in Guinness Books; would you like to play with food?

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Brian Pankey Bites Apples Video

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