American man father of 14 children but still virgin

An American man has surprised everyone by saying that he has given birth to 14 children till date but still is a virgin. He has crossed his 36 years of age but still he has not broken his virginity and he is very proud on this. But the strange question that comes here is that if any human being claims to be the dad of any child then how he or she can be virgin. I want to clear here that the person has not adopted any children and none of the children is living with him.

Trent Arsenault from California, United States of America says that he is sperm-donor who donates his sperm to the couple who needs it. He says that he is doing a great service work and he wants that the children voices should come from every home of America and from every family. This is the reason that why he donates his sperm to the childless couples.

Trent Arsenault 14 Kids Dad Photos

Trent Arsenault father

Arsenault dad 14 kids

Trent Arsenault, who is from Fremont, California, USA gave an interview on the chat show in which he surprised everyone by the statement that he is a successful father of 14 children but never had sex in his life. When the audience heard the statement, all clapped and appreciated him for this work.

Mr. Trent calls himself as sexdonor and says that he is doing a noble cause by utilizing his sexual power for the childless couples. Trent said that inspite of giving healthy babies to childless families, he is not having any other work and nor he wishes to do any other work.

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Mr. Trent Arsenault free spermbank was investigated by the Food and Drug Administration of United States in December last year in which he was fined with 100k dollars along with one year imprisonment. To this punishment, Arsenault replied that he is doing a noble cause and has no other wrong intentions.

In the chat show, the father met with one of his offspring ‘Analise’ for the first time, who is 2 years of age. The child is been cared by a lesbian couple and the couple has welcomed Arsenault’s decision of giving them the offspring.

American Trent Arsenault is giving his sperm with the help of a website but one of the health experts warned all that his way is wrong and it can open new doors to serious viral diseases such as HIV infections. To this, FDA acted strongly and they warned Trent of not taking any preventive steps against the HIV virus. They said that this case is the first ever kind in the United States of America.

To this, Mr. Trent Arsenault replied that he is just providing free help and not running any sort of business. He is helping the needy and he should be given appreciation for this instead of any kind of imprisonment.

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