Most Dangerous and Unsafe Country for Women – Afghanistan

According to the recent survey conducted, Afghanistan is declared as the most unsafe and dangerous country in the world for any women to live.

The country’s conditions have become very worse due to the series of wars on it. The attacks of United States have ruin the country and its people nowhere.

The health facilities have decreased, thereby increasing the diseases and sufferings among the citizens and so the average number of healthy persons.

The survey is been conducted by Thomson Reuters Foundation’s news service TrustLaw.

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Most Dangerous Countries of World

The following is the list of the most unsafe, insecure and dangerous countries of the world in descending order, which means that on first number, the country tops in insecurity level and that on last number is better than first four.
1. Afghanistan
2. Democratic Republic Of Congo
3. Pakistan
4. India
5. Somalia

Many women experience rapes in Congo, thereby the nation stands on second number. The rapists have made the ladies a difficult place to live.

Most Dangerous Country for Women - Afghanistan
Women Dangerous Countries

In all the above five nations, the basic human rights are denied to girls. Many cases come where the female child is killed before birth itself, with the number one listed killing one in every eleven daughters.

Most Dangerous Countries Ranking – Factors

TrustLaw conducted the poll and asked 213 experts from five continents to rank all the countries by taking into account the below six factors, which were considered while calculating the rank of the females’ life-threatening nations:
1. Non-Sexual Violence
2. Sexual Violence
3. Lack of Resources Access
4. Girls Trafficking
5. Religious or Cultural Practices
6. Discrimination

Trust Law said to Women Change Makers group head Antonella Notari that the recent wars, Nato Air strikes and cultural factors are all responsible for miserable condition of women in Afghanistan. It further said that in the country, some ladies who become dare enough to work publicly and wish to do jobs either in public or government sector are many a times tortured or even killed, probably by their relatives or other man-hardliners. This Makers Group supports the girls across the globe.

One of the main causes is education also. The developing nations still have major illiterate population making female sex condition as plight and intolerable to human rights.

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