Man raped daughter 497 times in 34 years

A man living in Nuremberg, Germany is been sent on trial by the court. The charges against him are of raping his own daughter. The surprising fact in this rape is that the man has not raped the girl just once or twice but infact; he has raped the girl 497 times.

The man, known by the name ‘Adolf Bergbauer’ is of 69 years. His daughter said that he started raping her when she was just 12 years old. At the age of 12, Adolf raped her first time. And after that, he is been raping her continuously. She said that she is now 46 years and in these 34 years, she is been exploited sexually 497 times.

The girl further added that her father is just a sex-lover and nothing else.

Adolf Bergbauer raped daughter

On hearing this, Adolf Bergbauer said that the girl is lying and the first sexual contact was done when his daughter was 17 years old. He said that he knew that 12 is very short age and he did not touch his daughter at that age. Adolf further added that at that time, the sex was not done forcibly but it was a mutual understanding between both of them.

Bergbauer said that he is doing sex with the girl from the last 30 years and not 34 and everytime, he and the girl agreed to do sex with each other. He said that he has not raped the girl but infact, it was agreed mutually.

But the girl denied the man’s statements and said that he raped her and also gave her 3 children. Out of these 3 children born, two of them died in their childhood itself and the one which is surviving is handicap.

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She said that she is been raped many times on the point of knife. Her father is a cruel man and she is many times beaten by Adolf. She said that whenever she denied of sex, he used to beat her and then forcibly used to do sex with her.

The daughter said that she never expressed her desires to do sex with old man and nor she wants to sex with any old man. It was done forcibly. She told the court that many rapes were done in her parents’ bedroom. Some were done in other rooms and some in their personal car.

The lawyer of the girl Andrea Kuehne told the court that Adolf Bergbauer statement has made his client shocked as he and the girl never expected that Adolf can speak such a lie.

If the charges are proved true then according to German rules, the court can order Adolf 15 years of imprisonment.

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