Girl with most soft skin like butterfly wings

Ever human being love small children, whether the child is yours or of any neighbors or of any stranger. Children are always cute and especially parents love their kids a lot. But Hollie Shaw’s mother can’t love her daughter. If you want to know the reason then please read below.

Hollie Shaw is just 7 years old girl and her skin is so soft that if someone touches it then the skin torn out automatically. And if the girl bychance slips from any place or falls anywhere, the skin shears off so cruelly that the little girl has no choice but just to cry. Sometimes, her body is covered with blood everywhere. Her skin is like butterfly wings that fall down easily.

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Actually, Hollie Shaw is suffering form a strange disease known as epidermolysis bullosa. The disease has given her the deficiency of the glue that keeps the human-skin at its place and holds it firmly with the body. Since the soft skin does not have the glue, therefore it detaches from the body as soon as it is given some pressure that pulls it from outside.

Hollie Shaw lives in Halifax, West Yorkshire, England with her parents. Her mother Leah Taylor became very much tense when she came to know of the strange disease of her daughter. But brave Hollie consoled herself and her mother and asked her to not worry at all.
Softest skin girl Hollie Shaw

Even Hollie’s oesophagus is also affected and a feeding tube is used to feed her.

But little girl Hollie Shaw never complains anyone of her strange disease and keeps on smiling every time. She loves to play computer games and Roller-Skating. But sometimes during playing also, her delicate skin starts sending blood outside of the body.

Although Hollie Shaw is living in a regular pain and that too at such a small age but she never stops smiling. She is very brave and all people who know her admire her a lot.

To more surprise on this is that Ms. Shaw recently learned Horse-Riding. She knew that riding on horse could have been dangerous for her life but she did not care of it. She is very brave and loves to take risks. Her mother Leah Taylor says that God has given her daughter a big heart with which she never worries and is a symbol of bravery for other human beings.

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