Stage Collapsed in Musical Concert in America and People died

On this Sunday, hundreds of people gathered at a festival in Indiana, America as a musical concert was going to start. The gathering was something around 12,000. All were waiting eagerly for the event to start place. The event was to be organized by Sugarland band.

But soon all the hopes of all the peoples were thrashed to ground when suddenly a storm came and the stage which was prepared to organize the event collapsed in front of all. Not only this stage fall down but it took the lives of 5 human beings too.

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Around 50 men and women are reported as injured. The injured people were immediately taken to the nearby hospital.

Mitch Daniels, the governor said that this tragedy did a direct attack on the people of Indiana. Not only the people who lost their friends and relatives were crying but all the people who were present at the spot also burst into tears.

Mitch Daniels, while addressing all this to media also became emotional and broke into tears. He admired the persons, who instead of going away from the collapsing stage, rushed towards the stage to help the human beings. He said that whole United States of America is proud of those brave Americans.
Stage Collapsed in America

The police is investigating to see if there were any design flaws in the stage and why it fall down so easily. One company that is based in Greenland has also started its investigation to see if there were any flaws in the designing and making of the stage.

The state fair was especially for the farmers who gather there to enjoy and have fun. The state fair tuned a death place when the storm arrived. Four persons died at the moment and one later on.

Mitch Daniels and Mid-America Sound Corporation owner expressed their sympathies over the families who lost their relatives. All prayed for the peace of the departed souls.

You can check the below video. But please make sure that your age is 18 years above and you are strong hearted before you start viewing the below video.

Video of Stage Collapse in America

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