Girls in Britain removing clothes for higher studies

Sometimes back, I wrote about girls in America removing their clothes for earning money so that they can run their livelihood. The American young girls are compelled to follow this profession as they need money to sustain their lives. This trend of falling into either prostitution or removing clothes and showing skin is not new. From past a long time, the women is using this vulgar profession for earning money and some of them make this trade as their career.

In the present world also, this trend is being followed by many ladies of the world. Not only America but now, news has come up that Britain girls are also following the same trend. They are removing their clothes in front of males and the individual man or some companies pay these girls for their skin.

Britain girls removing clothes

In Britain, the college girls are becoming a prey to this bad industry. They do this crime in one or other way. Some of them do this orally and some just show their skin to boys and the boys pay these girls for this. Some girls remove clothes just online on internet. They chat with men and when men demand them for showing their white skins, the girls slowly start removing their clothes from top to bottom. Firstly, they remove their upper part clothes and then lower-body clothes such as jeans, trousers etc. And in the end, they also do not escape from removing the inner garments.

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Ama Green, a student of Glamorgan University, Wales, United Kingdom told that she need to pay 200 pounds to her university for her studies. She said that for this, she needs some work from which she can earn 200 pounds. But due to her studies, she is unable to do any part-time or full-time job. And in this situation, the online sex-industry is the best place for her. She said that one of her friends suggested this idea to her.

The 25 years Ama Green says that she has joined ‘Britain got Webcam’ and through it, she earns around 20 pounds per hour. She said that her work is just to remove her clothes and show her white skin on her webcam to the opposite chat partner.

Student Ama Green added that though she do not like this vulgar profession but she has no other choice for earning money. Ama says that by removing her top and jeans, she earns enough money in order to pay her college fees. She also saves some money with this profession.

Ama Green added that she knows some her other friends who even sell their bodies for medical treatments so that they can earn money and pay for their studies fees.

Student Ama says that her university does not give her any type of scholarship and so, she has to do this online job. Miss Green is a student of Multi-Media Designing and wants to make her career in that field.

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