Worlds Biggest yellow Diamond Golden Eye

An auction is going to take place in United States of America next month. The interesting fact of this auction is that a yellow color diamond would be sold in it. The name of this yellow color scarce stone is ‘Golden Eye’. It is of 43 carats.

United States Marshalls Services have kept the price of Golden Eye as 900,000 dollars. This is not the final cost, infact it is the starting price. Don’t know upto where the price will jump. It all depends upon the bidders.

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The officials told that the money which would be gathered from this sale would be utilized in arranging the community works. The money earned would not be wasted in any way but infact would be utilized fully.

All the jewellery lovers are eagerly waiting for this auction and some are very curious to purchase it. One official said that when the news reaches anybody’s ears, the person fills with ecstasy to see this yellow color costly stone.

Biggest Yellow Diamond Golden Eye

This auction would be online and if you are rich enough to afford its cost then you are welcome to purchase it. You can keep this in your exhibition and can show your dominancy over others by having such a pricy substance. After purchasing, it will be all yours and you can do what you want ?. This online bidding will start on September 6.

At present, the precious diamond is kept in the Federal Building of Cleveland, Ohio, America.

The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) acquired this diamond during one of their operations.

One more feature of this stone is that it is the biggest yellow color diamond in current times.

So, are you going to buy this precious Golden Eye 🙂

Please if you could let us know of your views.

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