Thief Baba in Gurudwara

If any person goes to Temple, Mosque, Church or Gurudwara or any other such holy place and even at such places, he engages himself in wrong deeds then what’s the use of going there. Atleast at such places, he should stop all this. He should not forget that he is in GOD’s home now.

I was moved on when I saw the below video where a person is stealing money from Gurudwara and filling his own pockets.

These types of persons should be exposed in front of everyone.

I was unable to embed that video here as Embedding of that video has been disabled.

The video is in 2 parts.

But you can go to youtube at the said urls and watch the video on youtube.


chor baba near mudki in da gurudwara of tumbad bhan part 1st

chor baba near mudki in da gurudwara of tumbad bhan part 2nd

I can see that the videos have been removed by youtube team but does removing videos can hide the sin that the person has created. NO, that can’t be hidden. The stealing and that too from GOD’s home is really intolerable and should be avoided at all. I would say that he should be punished or atleast some CCRTV cameras should be placed so that no one could dare to repeat this sin again in the future.

What you all people say? Should he be given punishment or not?

Is removing the video from youtube a solution to this issue?


  1. OK meaningful

  2. OK meaningful

  3. Bhai Sahab

    Many people in this world are earning in the name of GOD directly or indirectly, wherein GOD’s name is divine. I’ll pray to GOD that he should give everybody clear thoughts.

  4. Thief at GOD’s place……awesome
    Ab tera kya hoga baba……?

  5. kya hoga duniya ka

  6. such thief sud b hanged

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