Youtube Facing Internal Server Error

Today, I saw some unexpected behavior of Google Youtube, which is the world’s biggest Videos broadcasting website. When I went to the official site and clicked on ‘Videos’, I was surprised and little shocked to see that it was throwing a 502 exception. I consulted and checked with some of my friends who are regular visitors of They told me that sometimes it happens as there occurs some problems in the google’s servers.

They also told me that this problem is not often one and it occurs only bychance. One of my close friends told me that he saw such an exception a year before and after that, today is when the same page is visible again.

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Youtube Servers were giving 502 server errors and 500 server errors. It was asking to try again later after 30 or 60 seconds.

So, let’s focus on these exceptions that why they occur and what are their causes and remedies.

The Internal Server Errors 502 and 500 are thrown when the problem is unable to be identified. This further means that the response given was invalid and the request is unable to be fulfilled. The solution is to just wait for the engineers to solve it :). Yes, atleast from user point of view, this is what we can do.

I will not go into much that why the youtube site crashes some times; it can be due to high load or bad requests. But whatever the reason may be, this is not good and should not happen. It creates a bad impression and a bad image of the host on users. And when such crash occurs on Google servers then who can be trusted and where the users should go. This also can’t be ignored that these things happen only rare but then also these should be avoided to the best if the biggest Internet Giant want to maintain good relations with the users of its Video site Youtube.

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