Heartiest Welcome on oceanofweb.com !!!

What is this ?

Why the name ?

What this signifies ?

Whats the purpose of ?

Who all constitutes ?

can be some of the questions come up in mind while visiting the blog ?

So, now I am here to answer your all, I mean can be almost all, questions here.

It is a family of me,you and everyone who wants to benefit/enjoy the information on this site

Me, had a dream of launching a blog and writing articles on it, since my col days. And finally, this dream come true on 26Feb 2009 when I bought the domain oceanofweb.com and installed wordpress in it with the default page of “Hello World” in my blog theme.

Some might be thinking that it can be due to recession…ha.ha… I got your point. But I am still working in my organization.

I love Blogging.

Oh sorry, coming to the point again…

Why the name oceanofweb and what it signifies…???

I want to revolve this blog around some most useful categories like blogging, news, jokes, humor, health tips, useful informations, etc. So I thought of name ‘Ocean of Web’.

I think I should stop writing now as Its my time to go to bed and a nice sleep.

In the last, Please do everybody post your valuable suggestions/feedback/questions/queries/comments… here and let me know my writing capability that how much improvement I need.

Thanks once again for visiting my blog.

Keep visiting oceanofweb.com

Thanks a lot’