Asia’s largest library and types of readers

Though I can’t call myself as a voracious reader, I hope that I’m eligible to label me as a “chotti (small – is the meaning right? I don’t know Hindi actually) reader” 😛 As I have shifted from home town to Chennai recently, that too to an area which is […]

real man woman

Eight things for which women need men!

I was never aware about the celebration of “International Men’s day”, before this. All I know was women’s day & mother’s day (how selfish! – You know, when I first heard this word, “selfish” as a 4th class kid for the first time, I thought that it denoted a Fish). […]

Kiss of love!

Kissing and hugging your lover, boyfriend or even your brother, mother, father – is a weird thing, in most places of India. I use to hug my mom when I go home, after a long semester, after a long time, it gives me the heaven back! But, I can’t hug […]

Clever Cow of India

Do you think that animals are fool and they do not have mind in them? I cannot say what you think of animals but I know that some or many of you think animals as useless who do not have any feelings and who do not have brain also. Many […]

Chinese Man Zhuang walking 2400 kilometers with donkey

A man in China bought a donkey from the Heilongjiang province, which is located in the North-east part of China. After purchasing the donkey from Heilongjiang, the Chinese man started walking towards his home. The migrant worker works at Zhejiang province, which is situated in the eastern part of China. […]