UltraSurf – World’s best proxy Surfer

Generally sites like Facebook, orkut, youtube, yahoomail etc. are blocked in offices and schools. Almost all colleges and corporate offices raise their firewalls to block such sites. You can open these sites through proxies. But what to do if proxies are also blocked?

Social Networking More Popular Than Email

Do you think that you spend hours on facebook and orkut? If you think so then you are not only one in this category. According to the new report of Nelson Online, Social Networking, blogs are becoming more popular than email. According to the study, 66.8% of Internet users across […]

Chat on Yahoo, Gtalk, MSN through one messenger

We all, when want to chat with our friends, have to login to various messengers differently. But there’s a messenger ( through which you can chat with all your online friends at the same time. With imo, you can connect instantly to your Yahoo, GTalk, MSN, AIM, ICQ, Skype, Myspace¬† […]