The Most Popular Styles of iPhone Cases

Different people have different preferences of the kind of phone case they use. Some people prefer to use a case that give their phone complete protection, while others prefer to use designer cases that give their phones a trendy and fashionable appeal. If you are on the hunt for the perfect case for your iPhone one that suits your requirements, here’s a list of available cases to choose from.

1) Skins
Skins are the simplest and most basic cases available in the market for iPhones. Typically available in a rubber or silicone material, the case hugs the body of the iPhone and gives it a protective layer. This case is perfect to protect your phone from scratches and dents. Skin cases are available in varying degrees of thickness and the best part about them is that they don’t give the phone a bulky and uncomfortable look. Additionally, the skins also give the user extra grip, which prevents the phone from accidentally sliding out of the hand.

2) Shell Cases
Shell cases for the iPhone are extremely popular amongst young adults. These cases are typically made in a sturdy plastic material. They provide excellent protection against scratches but may not be so useful to those who tend to drop their phones a lot. has some excellent shell cases with vibrant colours and high resolution graphics. Some companies even offer transparent shell covers to their patrons.

3) Rugged Cases
Rugged cases are perfect for people who tend to be clumsy, klutzy and always on the run. Rugged cases have a very sturdy protective feature that can tolerate harsh and extreme weather conditions and are also shock proof. Some popular rugged cases available in the market include the LifeProof iPhone case and the Griffin Survivor. These cases are weather proof, shock proof, dust proof and water proof.

4) Battery Cases
iPhone battery cases are perfect for those who use their phones as a replacement for laptops and tablets. Constant use of applications on the phone tends to drain out the battery. Finding a charging point when on the move can be a painful ordeal. To prevent these hassles, the battery cases maybe bulky but they are just the thing for you. These cases keep the phone battery charged for long periods of time and they also can charge a completely dead phone to 100% percent battery.

5) Designer Cases
Like the name suggests, the iPhone designer cases are ideal for fashion conscious people. Leading fashion designers like Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, Gucci and several others have specially designed iPhone 6 cases for its patrons. While some of these brands offer leather cases, the others offer shell cases. A lot of the fashion designers come out with new and updated versions of the cases every year so that customers can change their cases as per their moods.

6) Leather Cases
Leather iPhone cases give a classy and chic look to the phone while still giving it maximum protection. Businessmen and business women who tend to carry brief cases prefer to use leather cases on their phone. These cases give a professional appeal to the phone. One of the most popular leather case brands in the market right now is the Adopted line of cases. These cases are incredibly popular amongst people from the business world and also professionals.

Depending on what your requirements are you can choose a cover that best suits your needs. If you tend to be outdoors and on the move a lot you may want to consider a battery case or a rugged case. However if you are more concerned about keeping your phone scratch free yet trendy you may want to consider a designer case or shell case.

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