Satya Sai Baba Health critical

Baba Sai Satya’s health is very critical. The health is decreasing day by day.

Dr AN Safaya, Director, Sri Satya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences, said that baba’s blood pressure is very low which indicates that his heart is weak. The different body parts are behaving abnormal and medical science is trying its best to improve the health conditions of babaji. Required medicines are being given to him at proper times.

The only positive effect till now observed in baba sai health is for a cycle of slow haemodialysis, that is being conducted a day before.

Baba Sai brain is not working properly. And to worse of this is that besides the brain, all other organs have almost completely stopped working. He is on Life Support System.

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Inspite of all these ills and sufferings, the doctors are trying their best to save him. But despite their best efforts, the vital organs are not responding as they should.

Baba Sai

The problem is that inspite of all the treatments, the body organs are not responding and so the health-issue is becoming very critical for the surgeons and doctors.

No doubt, the best doctors’ team is looking after him. But still the condition is very bad. The doctors said that they would try their best to save him and rest all is in GOD’s hands. The hospital’s best doctors are being arranged specially for him. They are just to look after him. These doctors are not looking at any other case except Sai Baba. All are trying their best efforts to save the baba.

UPDATE: Sai Baba is dead. May GOD give peace to the soul.

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