How to get Live FIFA World Cup 2010 Football score online on Google Chrome for free

Fifa World Cup OnlineF IFA world cup 2010 is going to start from 15 June 2010. You can check the FIFA football matches schedule at Schedule of FIFA World Cup. Google chrome has launched a chrome extension- Ultimate Football Results, which allows you to watch live score of matches on your browser.

Ultimate Football Results extension fetches the results from multiple pages of BBC site and displays in a single chrome browser.

The plugin is useful in the sense that it allows you to see all the results in a single browser window and that too with ease. You just need to open one window and you are all done. You need not to refresh the page again and again. The scores would be updated automatically. You can open it one time and set it open, can minimize the screen and the opened window will act as a pop-up for you.

The plugin is a must for football lovers. Not only just these matches, but after these are complete, it will fetch the results for the next ones too, when they will start.

It will work fine unless and until BBC doesn’t change its feed and the required pages location and since it would be very rare that that’s going to change and so you will get perfect results.

Each window can scroll individually.For fixtures and table options, simply click the League name at the top.

You can also watch Live Text commentary by clicking on a live match, or can see Stats such as goals etc.
Download Ultimate Football Results Google Chrome Extension


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