World’s Best Hand Warmer – Zippo

Hand Warmer ZippoIn today’s world taking care of body and being stylish is very-very important. Just like if you carry a coin in pocket, can’t forget any side of it. Have you ever thought of a hand warmer which is stylish enough and safe to carry anywhere? Yes it is possible. You think it and technology makers let it happen. This time world’s leading and iconic company has come up with Ultra Stylish Zippo Hand Warmer. This intelligent gadget produces heat without any flame or smoke with the help of a technique called catalytic combustion. This is far better than match box in the pocket.

The amazing part is that with a platinum catalised glass fiber burner this Zippo can produce heat up to 10 times. This heat productivity is best in-class, as no other hand warmer can even think of it. This heat lasts up to 12 hours. It uses just 12ml of normal lighter fuel for this purpose. Wonderful! Its weight is just 272 Grams. Zippo is very much designed for people who love festivals, games like football, baseball, camping, climbing mountains, skeeing, or any activity performed in icy places. I know that the people going to these places are hot at heart, but still Zippo is the best thing to warm hand up. Using Zippo is much easier than wearing clothes. Just remove the lid, light the burner, chill till the foxy, quick, indicator bar to turn red in colour, put it in the Protective Warming Bag .And flamlessly this nice wonder will be hot.

6.6cm (W) x 10.1cm (H) x 1.5cm (D)
Weight: 272g

Zippo Features

  • Extra warmth.
  • Environment friendly – no odor, no pollution.
  • No Flame.
  • Convenient size.
  • Economical.

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  1. Do you know the cost of this?

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