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I have recently started blogging. After writing my posts, I used to ping only Technorati, as it was default mentioned in the wordpress admin interface.

But as now I am getting aware of the rest of the to-ping services, I started to ping all these (Google, Technorati, Feedburner, Msn, etc.).
But I was surprised to see that wordpress took minutes before I able to write next article.

I googled the possible alternative to this and at last, I come to know about a WordPress Plug-in-”No Ping Wait”.

No Ping Wait speeds up the pinging process for newly published articles of your blog.

This useful No Ping Wait WordPress plug-in was created by Robert Deaton, but due to an apparent hardware failure he lost his entire site.

The plugin is good for wordpress blogs as it reduces the waiting time. Say, if you have 3-4 posts ready with you. You are done with writing a post and then you have to wait for some minutes of time to write for the next post. This all activity reduces the writing speed and atlast your productivity because you feel very awkward that you are waiting because a background activity is going on that pinging the blogging directories.

The useful plugin saves you from all this.

Why to avoid No Ping Wait WordPress Plugin

An update to what stated above is that although its good but not mandatory to have it on your blog. No doubt it helps you but again adding extra plugins adds an overhead and if you can wait for some seconds or so, you can avoid this plugin.

Initially, it was in my must list but later I removed it and now it is not in my list. So, it depends upon you and your wish.

But then also if you want to have it, get it below.

Download No Ping Wait

You can download this useful plugin at from here

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