Future of Pakistan

Future-of-PakistanIndia, gain its independence on 15 August 1947, the holy and most important day in the history of India.

Communal Riots broke up between Hindus and Muslims, resulting in the creation of another country, Pakistan, as the homeland of Muslims.

This was something on the history of Pakistan.

Now, I think I should focus something on Present of Pakistan. Pakistan, I don’t know why, consider India as its biggest enemy, though we are the solid followers of peace and humanity.

Since from its inception, several wars arose between the two countries, majorly on Kashmir issue. Sometimes it has lead to continuous firing across the borders.

Major Wars between India and Pakistan:

1)Indo-Pak War of 1947 (known as The First Kashmir War)
2)Indo-Pak War of 1965 (known as The Second Kashmir War)
3)Indo-Pak War of 1971 (the war was due to crisis pertaining in East Pakistan. As a result of this war, Bangladesh was created)
4)Indo-Pak War of 1999 (known as Kargil War)

Apart from these major wars, the two countries have always involved in the cold war.

Every time, India has proved its superiority over Pak.

The terrorists arrested as recently in Mumbai firing, are Pakistani citizens.

I do remember Sunny Deol’s Assistant Dialogue in the movie ‘Gadar’

“beta beta hota hai aur baap baap hota hai…”

(son is son and father is father)

I don’t know why Pak forgets it

We strongly believe in peace and brotherhood. Pak should also focus on it.

Recently, attack on Sri Lankan Cricket Team, and that too in Lahore(Pakistan) has ashamed the country in front of the whole world.

Now, with such situations prevailing, I can’t predict the Future of Pakistan. Some also predict that Taliban will take over the control of Pak. So can’t write about it that where Pakistan would be. Can anybody throw some light on ‘Future of Pakistan’ ?

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  1. gud article and nice comparison with Gadar keep it up

  2. Ritu Sharma

    Yes east or west INDIA is the best

  3. u can’t blame da whole nation of pak for few bad people///u wrote dis article u must be Indian…

  4. first i want to say that there is no factor of father and son because we differ in religeons . we worship 1 god u have hundreds. we every one have 1 father u have hundreds. we will not let u speak against pakistan. u people just post ur shit comments so u beleive all are satisfied with u. no. we know our destiny very well. all we know that india in stronger than pakistan in every maner but u are not stronger than our will. what u people were doing in sirilanka for decades every one knows that . there is no country other than india near sirilanka so from where these tamils get wepons simply u were supporting them. india is the one who raised bangalis against pakistan. why pakistan fought 4 wars with india because india forced these war on us. they were afraid of our economic growth and our links with islamic world. u have raised this plant of terror so u will benifit of its fruit also.there are fireworks in pakistan every day but weare still moving on but one of it happens in any part of india all of ur country is jamed. tit for tat the day is not far we will surprise u with a big gift so u will get ur all answersssssssssssss. go to hell u snake worshipers. hell is ur end which will bring pakistan. pakistan for ever inshaallah.

    • @kamran – Thanks for commenting. I am not against Pakistan dear. I just highlighted that if such incidents happens in any country then that is bad for that country and for whole world, whether the country may be Pakistan or India. Hope you understand. Sorry if there are any confusions.

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