Shahid Kapoor asks all to be Vegetarian

Since Bollywood Actor Shahid Kapoor has turned himself as vegetarian, he is been promoting others to stop eating meat and live a healthy life as a pure vegetarian. In his new ad that he is doing for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), he is all set to promote vegetarianism among all.

After John Abraham, Lara Dutta, Arjun Rampal, it is Shahid who is promoting vegetarian at such a broader level. Shahid, dressed casually and with 2 yellow chicks perched on his body, shot with photographer Atul Kasbekar.

In the ad, he says,

I love chicks…Pigs, cows, fish, and all the other animals too. That’s why I turned vegetarian.

In 2009, Shahid also won PETA India’s Sexiest Vegetarian Contest. He has also received Filmfare Award for a debut film Ishq Vishq. Also, his recent movies – Jab We Met, Kaminey, Badmaash, Company and Paathshaala have all remained Bollywood Hits.

Animals that are slaughtered and killed for food have to undergo a severe inhuman phase. As a starting step, they are filled in the containers as tightly as they are non-living beings. There is so much suffocation that some animals break their bones, or even die in the way.

At the Slaughter-Houses, workers attack the cows, buffaloes, goats, sheeps, birds etc. with open blades. They get blooded all over. Birds like chickens are so tightly packed that they are unable to even stretch their wing. They lack even light of sun and are denied everything.

As per Henning Steinfeld, a senior official of UN Food and Agriculture Organization, “Meat production most disastrous for the environment”. According to United Nations report, the meat industry emit more than 65 per cent of worldwide Nitrous-Oxide and this gas is 300 times more powerful threat to Global Warming as than that by Carbon dioxide.

Studies show that the animals’ consumption is directly related to cardiovascular disease, stroke, certain cancers, obesity and diabetes. So, being vegetarian is good if you want your heart and lungs function well.

Shahid Kapoor says that he is very happy on becoming a vegetarian. The day he started believing that he would not kill any animal for his taste, everything changed for him.

Please see the video below of how animals are killed.
NOTE: The video has disturbing content and only to be seen if you are strong hearted and can tolerate it.

Video showing Slaughtering of Animals

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