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Best Catch Ever

In the cricket ground if it is right that experience helps the player a lot but it will be also not wrong to say that self confidence also works a lot among with experience.

While facing the bowler, a batsman with expertise comes to know how to hit the ball but if he has confidence in himself only than he can hit the ball. What I mean to say is that both are necessary in the playground. This is true not only in the cricket but in every game and in every event.

While writing this article, I came to remember my first Cricket Match when I was in school with my class-mates. I was standing near the boundary line from fielding team side. The ball was in the hands of fast bowler and the last two batsmen were on the crease. The batsman strongly hit the ball and the ball was coming to my side flying in the air. Suddenly I lost my confidence and drop the catch. Only I and my team know how much that catch was important for our team to win the match.

Well now coming in the present, I am here showing you videos of some Historical Movements and best catches in Cricket Team History. So see and enjoy the moments:

1. Best Catch in ODI History (Australia Vs England)

2. Best Catch Ever In the History Of Womens Cricket

3. Best Catch Ever In Pakistan Cricket History

4. Top 25 Catches of All Time

5. 4 Wickets in 4 Balls Cricket World Record by Malinga

6. Dwayne Leverock 2007 World Cup Catch

7. Magic Moments of India vs Pakistan Cricket

8. Most disgraceful moment in the History of Cricket

9. Indian Cricket Team Fielding at thier Best

10. The Top Ten Weird Dismissals Of Cricket

11. The Worst Ball Ever

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