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All the world is in great sorrow on the death of this great personality. Here is my another post on Life History Of Michael Jackson to keep him alive in all of us minds. He will always be alive in all minds whether they know the a,b,c of Pop music or not. Really he was a great personality. My last post on him was Michael Jackson’s Unexpected Death Stuns World.

Early life from 1958 to 1975

The famous Pop Singer Michael Joseph Jackson birth happened on 29 August 1958 in Gary of Indiana. His parents had 9 children in total and he was seventh one. His siblings included Tito, Rebbie, La Toya, Jackie, Randy, Jermaine, Janet and Marlon. Initially Joseph Jackson worked in a steel-mill and used to perform in a band called as ‘The Falcons’. Along with him, his brother Luther also used to accompany him. His religious mother raised him as a Jehovah witness.

1958-1975 Michael Jackson

1976-1984 Michael Jackson

Formation of Group – The Jacksons – 1976 to 1984

In month June of year 1975, Jackson agreed to sign a contract with CBS Records and then joined the Epic Records. Later the group’s name was changed to ‘The Jacksons’. After the name changed, this group became international and started traveling and covering whole globe. Mr. Michael Jackson was the main pop-singer of this Epic Group and he released his 6 albums with this group.

1976-1984-2Michael Jackson

In 1978, Michael acted in movie musical The Wiz. Quincy Jones did complete arrangements for the musical scores and then both agreed that Michael’s next album ‘Off The Wall’ will be produced by Quincy. The bad happened in 1979 when Jackson’s nose bled while performing. After that, he complained many times of experiencing difficulties in breathing.

1986-1990 Michael Jackson

Slowing down Aging and Movies – 1986 to 1990

The Tabloid Press published a false article in 1986 stating that the singer has slept in oxygen-chamber so that he may not look aged. But the article proved good as he gained more popularity with this. This also helped him to promote his new film ‘Captain EO’. This movie was considered as the most expensive one during that time and was hosted in Disney Theme Parks later on. Further to this, this film was shown by the Disney-Land for more than a decade. It was also shown by Walt Disney World in Epcot Themes Park from 1986-1994.

1991-1993 Michael Jackson

Contract with Sony and releasing Dangerous – From 1991 to 1993

Michael already had an agreement with Sony and then renewed it with them in 1991. It was signed for 65 million dollars. This agreement broke all records at that time. In the same year, he released his album ‘Dangerous’. This pop-album became so popular that upto the year 2008, almost 7 million copies of Dangerous were already distributed in United States alone and the world-wide count rose to 32 millions. ‘Black Or White’ was the biggest hit and it made its position on BillBoard Hot 100 and stood there for almost 7 weeks. ‘Remember The Time’ spent 8 weeks in the top-5 in the United States of America. In 1993, he suffered an injury but then also performed at Soul Train Awards. In Europe and United Kingdom, ‘Heal The World’ was one of the hits and its 450k copies were distributed.

1993-1994 Michaelj Jackson

Sexual Abuse – 1993 to 1994

In Feb 1993, Jackson was interviewed for 90 minutes with Oprah Winfrey. He spoke of his childhood-abuse. And said that he has missed his childhood years and suffered many-a-times from loneliness. He said that he has never slept in oxygenated chamber and has never bought Elephant Man bones. Around 90 million American population watched MJ’s interview and in American history, the interview became the 4th most viewed program. This interview also started a public debate on Vitiligo topic.

1995-1999 Michael Jackson

Second Marriage, Father from 1995 to 1999

Michael Jackson merged his northern songs catalog in the year 1995 with publishing section of Sony. He retained 50% partnership of the company and earned more than 95 million dollars. Further to this, he even kept the rights for more songs. Then his double album History was released. The album made a place on the charts and ranked as number one. Around 7 million copies of this album was distributed in America alone at that time and more than 20 million copies, meaning 40 million units, were sold worldwide.


2000-2002 Michael Jackson

Listed in Guinness Book of World Records – 2000 to 2002

In 2000, Guinness Book of World Records listed Michael Jackson as the celebrity supporting maximum number of charities. MJ was supporting 39 charities at that time. During that time, the pop-singer need license to master of his albums. This was good for him as he was able to promote his old stuff as he wanted but Sony was prevented from gaining MJ’s profit. Further MJ investigated a matter and it was exposed that the attorney who was singer in deal was Sony guy. This created clashes between the two. Sony also wanted to buy MJ’s all shares that were in the company’s music catalog. If Jackson career would have fallen then Sony had something to profit from. And the pop-singer informed the company’s head just before Invincible release.

2003-2007 Michael Jackson

Documentary and Business Deals – 2003 to 2007

Sony Music Entertainment compiled the pop singer’s all hits on CDs and DVDs. These Cds and Dvds were purchased by many people. In United Kingdom, it crossed 1.2 millions units. The Granada Television Documentary showed the biggest pop singer as hands-in-hands with boy Gavin Arvizo. And it was also seen that he was gossiping about sleeping with the child. It was also shown that Jackson spent around $6 million in just one store. Just after documentary, Michael was charged with many child sexual abuses and all the charges of abuse were regarding Gavin Arvizo. The boy Gavin Arvizo was not even of 14 years of age at that time.

2009 Michael Jackson

Death – 2009

June 25, 2009 and morning times, this pop musician collapsed in Los Angeles in Holmby Hills. Jackson’s physician tried to bring him to consciousness but he failed to do so. At 12:21 pm, Los Angeles Fire Deptt responded and arrived at 12:30 pm. Jackson already failed breathing at that time. The doctors came but they were not able to save him entering into comma. At 2:26 pm afternoon, he was declared dead. The cause of death is still unknown.

We all will miss the Music Legend. May GOD always bless him


  1. Hye, Excellent article of MJ! You’ve covered his whole life – very informative!

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  2. The negative influence of the teachings of the Jehovah’s Witnesses on Michael and his family have been either downplayed or totally ignored for as long as the Jackson Family has received public attention. For those readers who really want to know what life is like to be reared in the WatchTower Cult, nothing beats real world scenarios, and of real world scenarios, nothing beats actual civil and criminal court cases.

    The following website summarizes 900 court cases and lawsuits involving children of Jehovah’s Witness Parents. The summaries demonstrate how JW Families rear their children and live life day-to-day. Also included are nearly 400 CRIMINAL cases — most involving MURDERS:


    Excerpts from LaToya Jackson’s own 1991 biography, LATOTA: GROWING UP IN THE JACKSON FAMILY:

    ” … neither I nor my siblings ever led a normal existence, not even as small children, years before celebrity transformed our lives. We were a not-so-typical but classic dysfunctional family. Yes, there was love and happiness, but it was poisoned by emotional and physical abuse, duplicity, and denial. … The proscriptions of my Jehovah’s Witness faith, my mother’s seeming love and devotion, and my father’s inability to express any emotion but anger kept us all entangled in a web of guilt disguised as love, brutality that was called ‘discipline,’ and blind obedience that felt like loyalty. … We couldn’t identify it, but we all sensed something was wrong in our house. Most of my siblings ‘rebelled’ by essentially running away from home to teenage marriages. … I was Mother’s best friend, and the quietest, shyest, most obedient child of all. I surprised everyone. I also broke the cardinal rule of a dysfunctional family. I stopped living the lie and playing the destructive game. — pages 1-2.

    “Thinking back over all those years, I realized that Mother was the guiding force behind the cruelty and abuse. This lady who pretended to be so gentle on the surface had in fact caused all the turmoil in our lives. We’d always thought that it was Joseph, but it was her, telling him what to do and how to do it. Like I’d said to her before, she was always throwing the rock and hiding her hand, convincing everyone — outsiders and my own
    siblings — that she was sweet, kindhearted, and compassionate. Little did they know that the minute they were out of earshot she talked about them very, very viciously. After seeing it so many times, I finally had to face the fact that this was her true personality. — page 257.

    “Michael and I were very active in the Jehovah’s Witness faith. … Five days a week the two of us and Mother studied the Bible at home and attended the Kingdom Hall. … Every morning Michael and I witnessed, knocking on doors around Los Angeles, spreading the word of Jehovah. … As my brother’s fame grew, he had to don convincing disguises, like a rubber fat suit he bought years later, — pages 53-4.

    “… because we were supposed to associate exclusively with other members, Michael and I made few friends at the private high school … We did, however, become close with another [Jehovah’s] Witness. Darles was my first and only friend outside the family, and I treasured the time we spent together. … Each day at lunch the three of us studied the Bible together. She also joined us at the Kingdom Hall. During a meeting, Darles bravely challenged one of the elders. … The elder’s reply was typical. He cited the scripture, which supported his position but did not really address Darles’s
    point. So she wrote a letter … This outraged the other elders. One day Rebbie’s husband, Nathaniel [Brown], also an elder, cornered me. ‘LaToya,’ he said, ‘you’re never allowed to speak to Darles again. Ever. … She’s been disfellowshipped.’ … After that neither Michael nor I had anything to do with Darles. We missed her so much and for the first time began to privately reconsider some of the [WatchTower Society’s] teachings. We felt that questions should be encouraged, not silenced through threats of disfellowship. — pages 55-56.

    “Mother … frowned on our socializing with white kids, an attitude I found hypocritical coming from a Christian. — page 34.

    “… both my parents harbor racist attitudes, particularly against Jews, … ‘Wherever you go, whatever you do in this business, you find a Jew,’ Mother used to complain bitterly all the time, ‘I can’t stand it.’ … She’d go on and on. ‘They’re always on top. Jews are so nosy. They like controlling you. I hate ’em all.’ To their faces, however, my mother was as sweet as could be. … Hearing talk like this turned my stomach, especially when it came from my mother’s mouth. How could a religious woman be so hateful? … The depth of Mother’s loathing was expressed in one of her oft-repeated opinions: ‘There’s one mistake Hitler made in his life — he didn’t kill all those Jews. He left too many dxxx Jews on this earth, and they multiplied,’ –pages 132-4.

    “On the Victory tour, … , [Michael] hired someone whose sole task was to locate a Kingdom Hall in each town so that Michael wouldn’t miss a single meeting. … Michael … won those record-breaking eight honors at the 1984 Grammy Awards. The very next morning one elder issued him an ultimatum that my brother must choose between music and the [Jehovah’s Witness] religion. … Because Michael diligently studied the Bible, he could usually cite chapter and verse supporting his contention that entertaining people was not wrong. ‘I’m still living according to the [WatchTower Society’s] teachings,’ he pointed out, as he’d done so many times before. I still go door to door wherever I am, even if I’m on tour. I can’t help it if people hang up my poster on their wall or tear my picture out of a magazine. I don’t ask them to idolize me. I only want them to enjoy my music.’ … many Jehovah’s Witnesses used to congregate outside the Kingdom Hall hoping to catch a glimpse of Michael Jackson,
    knowing full well this kind of adulation was forbidden. Michael did everything humanly possible to demonstrate his dedication to Jehovah. Once when an elder criticized, ‘Your movements on stage suggest sex; don’t do them anymore,’ my brother complied without protest and promptly changed the routine. He also invited an elder on tour to see for himself that he lived in harmony with all the [WatchTower] faith’s rules, canvassed door to door, and attended all the meetings. … One day I walked into Janet’s room to find Michael crying his eyes out. ‘LaToya, … I can’t talk to you ever again. … The elders had a big meeting, and they told me never to speak to you because you haven’t been coming to the Kingdom Hall. … they said that if I don’t stop talking to you, they’ll kick me out of the religion.’ … Michael decided to disobey the elders’ edict and after that never attended any more meetings. … he subsequently severed his ties to the organization through a formal letter. What made this painful episode even more agonizing was that for a long time I believed Michael might be one of the Remnant, the select 144,000. — pages 196-200.

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