India is Richest Country in World – Wealthiest Nation

Shocking news for all Indians. Can you believe on the news that India, which is still a developing country, is currently the richest country and wealthiest land on this earth. I know that many of them are unable to digest this news but it’s true. This is all due to the emperor of Mysore (an Indian small town) G Vaidyaraj, who is the next generation of Krishnadev Ray.

So the question comes as what this person did?

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Actually he along with his family members prayed a stone (that was kept at some sacred place in his home). This stone was having a great importance in the family as it was not the thing that was purchased by them but it was being worshipped from their ancestors, something around more than 250 years back.

One day, just from curiosity, Vaidyaraj shifted the large stone from its place. Since it was lying at its same place from more than 250 years and was not cleaned properly, huge amount was dust was deposited on it. It was in the sacred cave. During the shifting process, some dust cleared and to his surprise, the stone started to glow from that place.

India-Richest Country in the World

He started cleaning the complete piece. And when whole dust was wiped out, he discovered that it was a big diamond or made of several diamonds. And all the diamonds were of 4600 carats each.

Acting as a good citizen, he immediately informed the government of the country. The police along with the high-powered politicians reached at the spot. They took that costly piece with them. It is kept secretly now in the Swiss Banks.

And to add more to this news, this is so much money that with this, India can purchase the 7 developing countries. So, this poor nation will be richer than United States of America and United Kingdom, even when these 2 rich countries are combined together. These both super powers along with the World Bank, are unable to afford to buy this diamond-collection.

This 4600 carat one diamond cost is 10 times more than the total property of American Bill Gates. So, whole debt of this India can be removed easily.

But don’t know why our Prime Minister doesn’t want to buy happiness for the poor citizens of the country.

And another surprising news is that the Oil deposits is been found in the Thar Deserts. With this discovery, India does not need to purchase any oil and natural gas upto next 25 years.

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  1. I agree with priscus india is rich in culture and values and now as you said it is richest country in the world, that is a great honor.

  2. India is also the richest country in terms of culture and values.

    • Well..everyone boasts of Indian culture..but nobody talks about the uncivlized culture that ruined with caste descrimination,Sati,Dowry,polygamy.

      • Part of our culture was shit, but Indian spiritual philosphy is great, its completely developed but now it full of wrong information due to too much unnecessary & useless editing by our folks. If one grasps what it has to offer correctly, he will really appreciate it.
        Just think how many saints originated in ancient India, in comparison to rest of the world. Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism developed in India even Muslims took a very religious Sufi route after being connected to India.

      • nikhil kumar

        which culture your talking about this is in your brain brother india has the worst culture in the world thats why it is one of the poorest country in the world you’ve been brain washed the time when your born this idea has been planted so deep that you think your culture is the best the culture which tell you to discriminate burning women sacrifice of animals and people then talk we are veg doing so much pollution ,cutting of millions of hectare of trees for veg food this is not culture this doesn’t shows great culture it show how idiot the whole country is where cow is a mother of human being and that same cow is been given too much severe pain by taking out her milk don’t talk by just listiening some foolish if this country need to get develop first thing that to keep in mind our culture isn’t good

  3. TechZoomIn

    Dude is this true 🙂 Can’t believe it still…..

    • Please read in the newspaper regarding that India is the Richest country in the world and you will find what is true or false, i didn’t read even a single sentence in the newspaper that India is the richest country in the world……

  4. Tycoon Blogger

    I am very surprised by this. I thought it was the USA or maybe China or Japan.

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  6. if it is true? how come i missed this news. I didn’t see in any big news channels?

    can you provide me the URL of the source?

  7. wow, that great news but i also didnt see any news regarding this

  8. psychoooooooooooooooooooo

  9. hey this is wrong,i have searched many newspapers, no such thing is being reported.

  10. crazy blogger

    india is the richest country in the world

    but all indians are not rich


    yes ..if you do well .u get well.
    thats really happened here. i pray to god india will shine like never before

  12. This is Ridiculous information….

    • ya… u r rite…

      • this is not Ridiculous information .

        • OMG! Why did he give it to the government? Again, White people will steal..Sonia gandh who is a president of congress, kept that diamond in Swiss and USA will use that diamond as usually. Because sonia is a italian and running india and working for americans….Nobody will have the guts to keep on india again…Elizebeth is also wearing a stolen crown from india….

  13. This is sooo dumb…..n i see,some dumb people are honoured by this….none of the above things,can even happpen…!!!

  14. Please be specific with whatever information you provide here. Come with the evidences, not just writing that it was published in newspaper tv channels and all such idiotic stuffs.

  15. this is hard to believe.. This is not true.. Is it legal to upload incorrect imfotmation on the web????

  16. Anyone who believes claims without checking the facts is completely undeserving of being called educated.

    The per capita income of India is about $1000 dollars annually. America’s is $44,000. India’s GDP is 1,217,490 million dollars. America’s which is the highest is more than 10 times that. Look at the website of the World Bank or even Wikipedia! We have a long long way to go before we call ourselves rich.

    Please stop believing nonsense and start contributing to our nation’s development.


    Buddy you have revolutionised the idea of cheating . your non-sense story is a hit and is on top of google search and the story is too good to be real even is happiest dreams of luckest man.
    dont fool people other wise God will fool you.

    • how ca God fool you..
      If He is existing then He does not have the time to pay attention to what His Foolest
      creatures are doing on earth

  18. India is your dream…Shit….

    • Yes, India is richest. Once upon a time the beggers came across to india stolen the wealth as much as they can but still india is a devloped nation. If you look into the details you will find an Indian everywhere adn it’s not possible to imagine the world without Indians. Next time before you tell anything on Indians mind youself that so many contry’s in this world call themselves as richer from our wealth which they have stolen.

      • please dont tell any one that India is richest… dont u see the present status of india first u have to remove the corrupted persons and after that we can tell the word that we are the richest………

  19. India govemnt is richest but not India.So many peoples in india sleeping without eating they dont have clothes how we can say india is richest Country we can say if indian peoples are rich so indian gov should care poor peoples thats it

  20. students should rule the country

  21. I am very indeed excited to get this news because it has always been my dream country thank you

  22. Sunil Kumar

    4600 carat or carots this guy is dumb and India’s GDP is close to 3.5 trillion not 35 billion. India is 12 th richest country in the world but in terms of Per capita it is very very poor.

    Just divide 3.5 trillion by 1 billion people you might get about 3 – 5 dollors per person thats per capita and it is very poor.

    India should work towards population control or we would be very very poor indeed.

  23. please remove such rubbish materials …

  24. If it is true then buy Australia first.

  25. Diamonds are only valuable because they’re rare. Even if all the sand in India turns to diamonds, India doesn’t get rich. Only the prices of diamonds crash. So no diamond in the world can be worth more than the “GDP or UK+US”. Even if it is, which idiot would buy this worthless stone ?

  26. Luxembourg is the richest country in the world…

  27. hope this is true!

  28. I agree with priscus india is rich in culture
    bt this new news is also very nice for all indians

  29. Then why the recent U.N report says that the children in India are not well fed and it says it is even behind Sudan in taking care of the children.Please kindly take care of the innocent children and stop honking your own horns.

  30. You are absolutely wrong.India’s GDP is 1.15 trillion usd not 34.25 billion usd as in the statement.The world biggest GDP is USA that is 14 trillion usd and UK around 2.5 trillion .
    Total world GDP is around 62 trillion Usd .How you are matching these wrong figures.

  31. If it is the right thing why i missed news in any magazine or news channel could u give sufficient proof

  32. If it is the right thing why i missed news in any magazine or news channel could u give sufficient proof.

  33. bhola khadka

    yes india is the reaches country.

  34. india is richest country, if it has wealth or not,one gram sand = one gram gold


    What its impossible, but what are you doing the daimonds by keeping in the swiss bank, why wont you show the world that India is the richest country . . . . .

  36. You Indians are so retarded, it is not even funny. Your brothren shit and pee on the side of the road and live in the slums and you claim to be the richest. You people really need your head examined. I know there are no good Doctors in India, may be you should look outside your nation.

    • Ohh Spotty! please keep your mouth shut. Without even having any knowledge and information about the diversity nature of India’s country don’t crack any crap comments. Don’t dare to say ‘you Indians’. You Idiot! which ever country you belong to i am sure there is ever possibility of your basic needs is coz of we Indian people as your’s country have stolen the wealth from the rich India during the antiqity time due to which you all the beggars are having a somewhat convenient lifestyle. Even the queen elizabeth’s crown is stolen from India who has attained the magnitude of richness by stealing Indian’s wealth and so as other countries (including your country). Just tell me why Britisher’s were entering to other country and ruling all the world? coz it had no wealth and it’s target was to steal and multiply the money into pounds which subsequently is one of the most expensives currency in today’s contemporary global world. India especialy during the seventeenth century were prominently rich in case of diamonds, gold, cotton and etc…..Which was later stolen by the British and converted their original poorness into Richness. This explanation should clear your complicated head spotty. You are simply ineligible to comment on India.

  37. SPOTTY You must not say such words about Indian people. India is a vast and diverse country it has the rich and the poor and some smart folks and some lack the basic decency. educated people behave well and uneducated Dont.

    in a population of 1 billion not all can be rich. even in USA and other parts of so called developed country’s there are poor people.

    India can progress faster if it can find some fuel locally and the politicians must be honest in distributing it to people.

  38. karamjeet sharma

    really it surprised me and now i really proud to b an indian .

  39. lollxxxxx wat a perfect joke almost 60 percent of india s population is poor lolxx wat a PERFECT JOKE

  40. i want that india made no.1 richest country in the world before 2020

  41. ..i will love india forever no matter where i am…what an amazing country wish people living there would realize that.. i guess a human being is never happy where they live..

  42. lol..gr8 mistake frm the editor of dis bLog…actually india doesnt even stands in the list of 100 top richest countries too..and its totally fake..go grab some nuts you guys..

  43. santosh Yadawad

    Hi….Do you know Raja Krishnadevaraya is not from Mysore he was from vijayanagar thts present Hospet and Hampi… now all of you pls think of this news……

  44. Indians are stingiest people on earth

  45. india is rich pople poor then poor rich than rich

  46. we were the rich but our wealth was taken by kings from other regions took them but they cant take the golden heart of an indian. proud to be a indian

  47. santosh Yadawad, there are two krishnadevaraya’s one in vijayanagar empire and one in the mysore. check history properly

  48. Pure and absolute bullshit

  49. It is amazing. India is Rich but don’t want to be rich. India wants to become super power but don’t want to be poverty free.

    If thease diamonds are worth so much the why are we talking about slum dogs. Don’t live in imagination. Go and do something good for the country.

    Wy do the prime minister want’s to deposit the diamond in a swiss bank. Can’t he put them in one of the indian bank.

    Indian don’t trust indians that’s our problem. Because we are all divided within india.

  50. Okorie Chikezie

    “Well if India is no 1 in the world good, let us take the information as we see it and stop criticising period.

  51. we are felling so proud, we are a par of india………

  52. Good job done..both of you..
    Someone cannot sit idle and someone wants to just find a job to do..
    Once again…good job…both of you.

  53. its amazing what the human mind can achieve when it is put to work.
    after so long a years, i say they deserve the ranking.

  54. India has been rich for thousand of years and is still rich. In 1700 India was the highest producer of cotton, spices, Manufactured goods, Diamonds etc. But the British had two things, a cunning mind and destiny on their side. In 1700 One gold coin would buy you one gold coin worth of goods. When the British took over they issued 1 rupee for 1 gold coin. SO how do bank notes work? It is call factoring, The note say if you give the bank this note they will give you 1 gold coin for that note, really there was 10 notes per gold coin, hence when they took 3 Billion Gold coins from india, they issued 30 Billion pounds and promised 30 Billion gold coins, Now England is richer than India. So tell me who is richer, India or England? Well let us do some sums , if India has 20 Billion Rupees for 20 billion gold coins in the 17 century, but England issued 180 billion pounds from 20 billion gold coin security(stolen from india). of course England they are 9 time as rich as India. (20 Billion or 180 billion)say 1 Pound equals 1 rupee, forget the gold, now its rupee to the pound. This is how they did it, stole from india, from 1700 to 1948, How gold coins left india over 2 century of rule which made india buy british goods and destroyed the industrial base of india. They are rich from 180 Billion pounds plus interest for the gold stolen from india. In the modern world india need to earn 180 billion pounds before they can as rich as england why because the 180 billion pounds are issued by bank of england!

  55. Mathi, I did not quite get the maths, but i understood this much that British is richer than us because they traded gold for Pounds.

    However, British lost a great deal of money and resources during first and second world war. all that they had made falsely in the name of trade, they had to pay it back with blood.

    I hope the queen realized this and decided to give the freedom to all her colonies.

    Industrialism is evil born in the west and migrated to other parts of the world. it gave birth to deadly arms, vehicles and many unwanted dangerous things that are threatening our own existence today.

    Gold is not going to change anything. the day when there is no food industries or the gold or the machines can do nothing so, our land is our real gold and what they have with them is a some yellow metal good for nothing.

  56. india is the reachest country why using this line.india is poor country in the world.but india reach persons not poor.reach reacheeee
    poor pooreeeeeeeeeeee
    this is 100percent correct

  57. indiaovercome theworld

    india will overcome the world.india will take over of the USA oneday.

  58. proud to be an indian

  59. hi! very proud to be an indian , but what are we going to do keeping money or valuables in the banks, guys our generation is comming to an end and another generation will take over. its better utilise it on the country build our infrastructure, remove poverty in our india. introduce social security and free medical.. still dont be a begger keeping money in the bank and not living life and eating.. do you guys agree with me..

  60. Do you think Indians are fools ….. all of what you said is utter crap and bullshit…why do you make up these lies. You dont need to lie to make Indians feel proud of themselves. Indians are proud to be Indians without your fake bullshit

  61. Wow look at all the fools who believed this fake article …LOL..
    HA HA

  62. This article is completely wrong. It is a well known fact that Afghanistan is the richest country in the world – with the skyrocketing prices in unrefined opium, the discovery of vast fields of poppies in Afghanistan has ensured the wealth of the nation. In fact, the third Opium War is nearly due, with NATO ready to attack Afghanistan for this precious resource. With frequent use, opium endows humans with increased speed, health, attack damage, magic resistance and critical strike chance. How can diamonds compare with opium? What a joke. Thank you for this common sense story. You may want to purchase opium online (look on eBay or Amazon), and support Afghanistan.

  63. Austin Imagulaya

    Well to me America is the richest because their wealth are distributed to all their citizens

  64. i think its a fake news..dont think its true..never ever heard any news bout it

  65. India was richest.
    India is rich.
    India will richest.

    YOU KNOW ?????????????

    Because Its LAND OF GOD.

  66. While India may not be as poor as everyone thinks it to be, this story is completely bullshit. LIke grow up. Mythology bull shit

  67. Please Grow up and stop publishing absolute non sense over web. Did you even check the comments people have posted here? It’s given them a chance to make a mockery out of your country! Even though we would all love to see our country there on the top , lets not make a fool out of ourselves by publishing such stuff.

  68. o mr embarrassed in wich country do u leave

  69. Anand Shamrqa

    India is a rich country with poor people

  70. India may be number 4, but you can see the gap between the US and China, only 4 trillion a year as well as depending on the global economy and how China is affected by it, it could take them between 4 and as many as 10 years to overtake the US GDP. Then you see India down at number 4 with 4 trillion less than a third of the US. If it is going to take at least 4 years for a country that is only 4 trillion behind the US in GDP, then how long do you think it would take India, whose GDP is more than 10 trillion less than the US per year?

  71. Mrs Poor an Needy

    Plz help me wit my kids and family im beggin u i cnt go on livin like this and i dnt hav no where else to turn. Please find it in your heart to do so any little will b appricieated


  73. proud to be indian

  74. I always knew Indians are dumb. But this dumb? Not just the poorest nation on the planet, but the dumbest too! Now, that is a great honour!

  75. Great luck

  76. Am very poor but am honest and labourious please any donate some money please I learn acting in patna but I want live in Mumbai because for better education but money problem am very poor and my background is very weak but I work hard and thenafter I learn acting please help immediately please I hope you please kindly help me please

  77. I am really happy to hear the news,INDIA is the richest country in the world.will this money may help the poor people or not????????

  78. elankeerthana

    i was very happy for this, what i heared about dimonds in INDIA. my opinion is developing country to be a developed country and this money should help others…….

  79. I am very happy to hear this news. why this news is unknown for most of the people????
    I feel great about Mr.vaidyaraj.

  80. thank god india is 12th richest country in the world america walo ab tumhari khair nahi bach ke rahana re baba aur pakistan walo kashmir ka sapna dekhna chor do jab tak modi hai tab tak kashmir ka ek bi tukda tumhari sapno me nahi ay ga

  81. Totally wrong concept.. It can never be true..

  82. Look beggar says they are rich lol 😀

  83. Chinmaya Singh

    Yes,its all true.
    But why foreign museums take Indians things and keep it forever?

  84. hlo sir,
    i want some money for my further study can u give me….i will surely return your miney after getting my job. plz plz plz sir…i need help.

  85. h s soni

    This news is published in TV channel also.
    Although we are richest country in the world but question remains to see is will it be able to provide food, shelter and job to half population living below poverty line ? Will it be able to eradicate menace of corruption ?

  86. India is a developing country because of unequal distribution of wealth.poor gets poorer and rich become richer

  87. that’s you’re. dream. not real

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