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Discover Vishakhapatnam with a self-drive cab

Situated on the coast of the Bay of Bengal, the city of Vishakhapatnam has a historical background that dates back to the 6th Century BCE. The city is filled with beaches, parks, museums and is close to natural wonders like Araku Valley and Borra Caves. This makes it a tourist’s […]

Puri, A Marvelous Cultural City

Puri is an incredible tourist destination of Orissa, known for its religious and historical importance. It is considered as one of the most important religious destinations of the country, primarily because it houses the Lord Jagannath Temple. The beautiful town of Purihaspristine beaches that are adorned with rich golden sands. […]

Kiss of love!

Kissing and hugging your lover, boyfriend or even your brother, mother, father – is a weird thing, in most places of India. I use to hug my mom when I go home, after a long semester, after a long time, it gives me the heaven back! But, I can’t hug […]

Indian Hindu God Ganesha in Papaya fruit

Can you all believe that a person cut the fruit and he sees GOD inside that fruit? I know that no one can believe on this news, atleast in today’s era. This might have been successful in ancient times but in today’s age, this is impossible. But to make you […]

Man got alive after 23 years of death

Can you believe that a dead person can be alive? I know this news is difficult to digest and if I add something more on this then what would be your reaction? I mean to say that if I say that can you believe that a person become alive after […]