Puri, A Marvelous Cultural City

Puri is an incredible tourist destination of Orissa, known for its religious and historical importance. It is considered as one of the most important religious destinations of the country, primarily because it houses the Lord Jagannath Temple. The beautiful town of Purihaspristine beaches that are adorned with rich golden sands. Youwill also see the architectural magnificence of several ancient and historical monuments located in the city. The historical and religious importance of Puri along with its picturesque beauty attracts tourists from all parts of the world. The best mode of travel is through Bhubaneshwar to Puri cabs.Let’s take a look at the top attractions in Puri:

Lord Jagannath Temple
This sacred Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Jagannathnot only has a great spiritual importance but it is also considered to be an architectural marvel. The temple houses deities of Lord Krishna, his brother Balarama and his sister Subhadra.Non Hindus are not allowed to enter the temple but even viewing the temple from the outside is a magical experience. The visit to the templeforms thepart of char dhamyatra of Hindu religion.

The PanchaTirtha
It is a ritual for the Pilgrims in Purito visit the five holy water bodies and bathe in them. The process starts from theMarkandeya Tank which is a water body spread in 4 acres of area and located beside the Markandeshwar Temple which is dedicated to Shiva. Indradyumana Tank lies near the Gundicha Temple and RohiniKunda is the pious well located within the Jagannath Temple premises. Fourth water body Swetaganga Tank is located towards the south of Nilachal. Swargadwar area has the fifth bathing spot located in the Bay of Bengal which is called Mahodadhi.

Puri Beach
The beautiful beach of Puri offers spectacular views of Bay of Bengal. The beach is clean and picturesque and you can relish mouth watering street food in the area. World famous sand artist SudarshanPatnaikusually makes his creations on the Puri beach.

Shopping and food
Orissa has great food options in both vegetarian and non vegetarian cuisine. You will relish the fish and seafood freshly taken from the sea. Try the typical vegetarian Thali available in many restaurants.

Puri is also famous for handicrafts and silver jewellery. Roam around in the markets to get filigree silver jewellery and also buy intricate handicrafts and clothes of the famous Sambhalpuri and Bomkai weavers.

Festivals of Puri
Many cultural and festive activities are organized in Puri going throughout the year. The RathYatra is the most famous and biggest of them all. The entire city gets togehter to watch the deity ofJagannath travel on a chariot pulled by the passionate disciples. People from all across the world come towitness this amazing festival.

The Nava Kalebara festival is another important religious event, wherein the idols of the three deities namely Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra are given new external forms. New idols are made out of purified wood of chandan and neem trees. The process of transporting wood to the temple is done in a full procession amidst celebrations.

Boating and Fishing
Cruising in the sea in a boat is a thrilling experience and should not be missed.
As an amateur you can also enjoy fishing in the sea and it’s a popular leisure activity here.

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