Sachin First To Score 200 Runs in ODI History

Indian great batsman has made once again all of us Indians to be proud of. He has become the first batsman to make consecutive 200 runs in One Day International matches. Everyone in the world, especially Indians are feeling very proud of him as due to him only, the name of India is shining once again.

People are calling him by different names such as King of Cricket, Cricket God etc. Every other cricketer’s name is looking very small in front of Master Blaster. This is the person who has made India really a proud and has given everybody a reason to smile and celebrate.

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Till now, the highest scores in ODI were on the names of Zimbabwe’s Charles Coventry and Saeed Anwar of Pakistan. Charles made 194 runs in 1999 in the match against Bangladesh. He remained not-out in that match. On the other hand, Mr. Anwar made 194 runs playing against India in the year 1997.

Today, Sachin Tendulkar broke both of their records and made 200 runs. This cricket match was played in Gwalior and was against South Africa. This was the second One Day International, which gave our Little Master this great success.

Sachin Tendulkar 200

Prior to this, Sachin once also tried to break that 194 record but he was successful only in scoring 186 runs. The team was playing in 1999 in Hyderabad against New Zealand. We can say his bad luck on that day.

In 200 runs, there were 3 sixes and 25 fours. He batted 147 balls. Also, some other records were set on his name today. He made Maximum runs in Tests which is 13,447 and in ODIs as 17,598. Also, the maximum number of 100’s in Tests as 47 and in One-Day Internationals as 46.

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    sachin ramesh tendulkar
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