Watch IPL 4 2011 Live on Youtube

Good news for all Cricket Fans. Now, you can see all IPL matches live on youtube for free.

IT Company Google has partnered with Indiatimes to show IPL matches live on IndiaTimes Youtube Channel. The partnership will enable IndiaTimes to show all 74 DLF IPL4 2011 matches on its Youtube Channel.

The agreement is for 2 years and as per this agreement, Google will be a non-exclusive partner for IPL data for the said period. Both the companies will try to benefit by each of the brand strengths. They will try to earn maximum by this partnership, both in India as well as in rest of the world. Youtube will also be able to offer the catch up slips on its Mobile Version. So, you can see at from your mobile phones.

Last year in 2010, Youtube broadcasted all IPL matches and this year too, it is again back to provide you IPL fun free.
No doubt, many websites offer you to watch IPL online but no one can deny the clarity of youtube showing live IPL matches.
Watch DLF IPL 4 2011 on Youtube

While watching the IPL on youtube, there will be a 5 minutes delay in India and match-length delay in US. But for other parts of the world, it would be live telecast. And also, this 5 minutes delay is not so high. It will hardly make any difference. Also, you can see the highlights and catch-up clips after the match ends.

Watch DLF IPL 4 2011 Live on Youtube at

Please share other websites showing IPL live.

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