Funny Ideas for Making any Birthday a Memorable Event

To add some extra fun and excitement to a party one must come up with some new ideas birthdays are the special event of every one’s life, as they let them feel that they have enjoyed another year being safe and sound.

It happens most of the times that parents plan the birthday parties of their siblings and other family members. Now please it is time to rely on your kids. After all it their day so all the decisions should be made by them. If you want to do something according to yourself then leave it to the gift ceremony.

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What you have to do is to give full command to your kids. Let them to do whatever they want. It is seen that most of the kids are interested in setting the menu for party according to their own choice. This does not remain limited to deciding the menu but kids personally like to take part in the preparatory process. Just encourage them to make a cake of own. This can be turned into a fun competition party on the special event. Kids love to play with cream, icing fruits and then decorate this entire thing in the form of an aggregative stuff. Let them to exhibit their artistic skills with the help of candies and chocolate they use to decorate their own hand made cake. You can turn this into a competition where the best cake manufacturer will be given some present on behalf of the birthday kid. This is really a new tradition.

I remember in my past when we all were too young my mother did many efforts to bring cheers on our faces. One of her attempt is still one of my best childhood memories. She used to hide some candy or chocolate in the cake. Then all the kids were supposed to look for that hidden prize. We just loved to do so, in this effort most of the time we ended up shifting all the cream of cake to our brand new birthday dresses. Perhaps, this was the only mischief of our which never made our mom angry on us.


Don’t stick to the new ideas about cakes and candies. I guess giving surprised birthdays parties has not remained any more exciting item on such events. Just do different things with the stuff like pics and family videos that you already have. No matters, whether the function is being celebrated with friends or family. In all these cases decorating the wall with the memorable pics just adds to the glory of function. Not rely on those artificial pics, just utilize your own art in this sense.

Venue of location also matters a lot, few days back I celebrated my friend’s birthday on roof. Although it was very difficult for me to keep the candles burning as they were faced by the wind blowing. I remember the way we all managed to keep them burning until the arrival of birthday girl. I know we could never have had the fun if we did this inside the room. Just do the things unusual this is also necessary to preserve important moments in the memory forever.

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