Funny ways of saying I LOVE YOU

Life without humor and laugh is like flower without fragrance. Your life should be full of humor and happiness, in order to live it fully. Being funny is not a silly thing; rather it can provide happiness and laugh to the others life and can also make you prominent and respectful in the other’s opinion.  I believe that adding humor to the most stressful and hard times can make those moments lighter and relaxed. If you are going to face a nervous and full of anxiety situation, then being funny and humorous can make the situation easier one for you. One of the most nervous moments on one’s life is one when they are going to express their love for someone really very special. Most of the men try to be (actually they pretend to be) very formal and carry a gentleman look when going for that big moment (I mean telling her their emotions). Believe me girls today are least interested in that traditional gentleman look. Things have changed and the girls are more attracted towards the funny guys with more informal look, girls feel comfortable and easy with funny guys. I am mentioning some of the funniest ways of proposing a saying and I am sure that you are going to get your love if you try them.


  • The guys can try to make their own funny music video in they can easily express their love for their sweetheart. Now, in this high-tech age, it is quite easy to direct and compose own music video. I am sure that all of you would have camcorder, own laptop and a video editing software. So, what are you waiting for? Go and make a funny expressive music video and make her impress by showing your love in a funny way. (You can also skip the editing portion for making it funnier!). Choose any funny theme and have some funny clothes, act foolishly and make her laugh. Try out a funny rap and say I love you.


  • Another funny way of saying I love you, is to dance madly and foolishly in front of her and after dancing funny, you can end up with giving a rose to her by felling down on her feet. (Probably the cutest and funniest idea you can try). Choose a very cheesy song of late 80’s and show her idiotic dance steps. She will surely come to and hug you. (Saying on my own experience guys!)
  • Poetry has been regarded as the best way to express the feelings without saying directly anything to the others. Now, if you turn out the poetry in a funny way and use hilarious lines in them then you can surely attract her attention. Pick up funny and just rhyme without any reason in front of her and make her laugh and end up by saying that you really love her and want to make her laugh for lifetime.

So, all these are the funny ways of expressing your love for your loved ones. Twist your love life and make it hilarious by being funny.

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