Ways to add Fun and Humor to Holidays

Friends and family members remain in contact through cell phones and facebook but still that feeling of love and attention is missing. Cards act as a way to represent the true feelings as one can do a number of artistic things to add fun, they can be exact way of making your loved one smile and feel the moment of rejoices. Don’t rely on predesigned cards in this regard just use your own artistic sense, family photographs and sketch those moments that you spend together and they brought a lot of cheer and humor to you.

One idea is just to attach a crazy photo of your photo that you have with you. Obviously, he won’t let you to take this in normal conditions. Having a one which shows camera fitted at feet in the area, completely opened and scary face and eyebrows up at the angle of ninety degree. This moment is enough for someone to have a great laughter while making him amused at his own situation.


You can also create funny holiday photographs by indulging your kids. I remember when I small I just used to dressed up in my mother’s outfits. I know it was hard for me to carry the extra long shirt and move with large sized shoes which just made my movement impossible. At the same times I can remember the cheers on face of my parents and other family member that was only because of my stupid actions. Just give a chance your kids to do the same. They will love it; finally don’t forget to save these funny moments with camera eye. Use these photographs on holiday cards, send them to your friends and spread the cause of laughter all over.

Use your pet in this regard. Your pet will consider a fun to wear nerd glasses and dress up in human attire. This funny photo of your pet attached on a post card can definitely bring cheers to your friends when they see it sitting miles away from you and see your pet wearing your belongings.


Just take out all the old albums, have a look at them. See the beautiful moments you spent with your friends at school, college in hang outs and parties. You will definitely end up in finding many more that carry a list of humorous incidents in them. They can be related to you, your friends and as a whole to the group. They will just take you back in past that caused you to pose like such a candid way. In the particular moment being away from your friends will not bother the recipient of card by having a look at such an entertain photo.

Just add colors to your life, use the doorway, use paints and color chalks to write holidays messages. Ask every family member to do the same and then take a collective family photograph. Use it on the post card when family members are away. It is enough to give a sense of closeness and reason to smile.


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