Window Shopping without Money was just Awesome

Once I with my friends, decided to go to cinema to watch a movie. We thought that we have enough money to buy tickets but when we saw the notice board we came to know that with that amount of money we can’t even purchase a packet of popcorn. Instead of going out from cue, we stood there and when we reached there we asked for discount which we knew that it is impossible. We were thrown out from cinema. You should also try this that was very funny but shameful act as well on the other hand.

A shopping mall was next to the cinema, we rushed there without even thinking that how much costly it will be. We started going from one shop to another and asking for the various prices of different dresses. The shop keepers were very enthusiastic as they were dealing with us quite wonderfully. One of my friends started to try the dresses in try room which was really a cheap act. The shop keepers were started negotiating the prices and we were also taking active part in bargaining and we were also criticizing the products. We were roaming in whole mall without buying anything. We went to around twenty shops and didn’t buy anything. All of my friends were trying suits and then telling to shop keeper we didn’t like the dress, show us another one. In this way we passed around three hours in the mall.

window shopping

We didn’t know that the guard is watching all our action on the CCTV camera. Suddenly, he came to us and asked us to leave the mall otherwise he will take the action but instead of going, we ran away and the guards started chasing us. That was so weird and all of the people were watching us. After all these happenings, we came out from mall.

Now whenever those college friends meet me and when we sit together this is an incident which is always there in our chat. This incident is always alive in our hearts. When I review this incident, a big smile always comes to my face that remembers me the time when I was in college and these acts were very common in our group.


But now these moments are of past and present is not so colorful as past was. You should also try this but be very sure that you have the power to interact with the shop keepers and you know how to mould your point in different manner. You should have bargaining skills but surely you will enjoy the time when you would be doing this act and sharing your memories with your friends and family.

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