What education would in the universe of Game of Thrones be like?

Nowadays education is a complex affair. Starting from the elementary schools youngsters continue studying in high-schools and in colleges/universities after.

Game of Thrones television series are popular among many assignment writers, students, teachers, parents and even businesspeople who want to watch something better than a soap opera online. Is not it interesting to know more about the education system in the universe of Game of Thrones?

In this article we will talk about the education system in the Game of Thrones and we will discuss all the differences in the norms of education between different social groups and genders.


1. The Maesters
The Maesters are scientists and scholars. The chain is the symbol of Maesters. Each different link shows the field of study. For example, a link made of silver means that the scientist work in the field of medicine/healing or the scholar works in the field of economics if the link is made of black iron. Most of the Maesters are the children of nobles. Education always depends on a person who rules at the time when the book is written. In addition, religion was not a significant part of the education in The Game of Thrones episodes.

2. Nobles
Nobles have a high-quality education and they study with the assistance of Maesters. Young nobles have to learn the mottos, names and sigils of the other nobles’ houses.

Samwell Tarly’s character additionally offers imperative information about the instruction a noble would get, and in addition the education he was relied upon to exceed expectations at. Lord Tarly anticipates that his child will bear on his fame in military tries, and endeavors to prepare Sam to be a warrior. But Sam is not respondent to these endeavors, and rather focusses more on book reading. Furious at his child’s absence of military ability, lord Tarly sends him to the Night’s Watch. Note that he was not sent to the Citadel to prepare as a Maester because even that kind of education was seen as a shame to House Tarly.

Another purpose of education is that of wards, which likewise existed in this present reality. A ward would be the offspring of another lord who was kept and raised by another lord, as a pseudo-prisoner. But on account of Theon Greyjoy, this is not always a matter of a prisoner way of life. Theon is treated the same as the other Stark kids, and even becomes close with Eddard Stark. Thus, Theon received a good education similarly to the other Stark kids.

3. Noble women
Women were educated differently from men. While there are a lot of similarities in education of for honorable youngsters (both young boys and girls), there are a few components that are unmistakably ladylike. For instance, in Season 1, Episode 1, in one of the primary scenes of the female Stark kids we can see that both Arya and Sansa are learning weaving. While Sansa is somewhat gifted and praised for her work, Arya is recognizably baffled and yearns for different exercises. Later Arya becomes interested in archery end receives an unusual education. In addition, both girls were taught by Septa Mordane, while MaesterLuwin was teaching their brothers. This education prompts Sansa figuring out how to sew, dance, compose, and play the harp, in addition to other things. Moreover, both Sansa and Arya were expected to be responsible for the household’s accounts. Therefore, they had to learn mathematics as well.
game of thrones

4. Commoners
Commoners have less alternatives than nobles with regards to education. In England in the medieval ages (that parallels the Game of Thrones) the sons of peasants could not be educated at all. The explanation behind this may have been apprehension from the rulers that any informed individual may begin to scrutinize the way things were done. Therefore, in the Game of Thrones most of the commoners did not know how to read, write and did not have an understanding of science, economics and math.

5. Unusual education
In Westeros it was abnormal when Arya received education in swordplay. There is only one more figure of a female gender, who uses a sword – Brienne of Tarth. She was seen as an unattractive women therefore she was not a typical girl. Arya Stark is very similar to Brienne and she faced a lot of challenges on her way to becoming a swordplay master.

The Game of Thrones is one of the most interesting TV series that you can probably watch. However, if you want to take a break and watch something different, then consider looking at the 5 best airplane movies to entertain yourself during the flight.

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