Can Your License Be Suspended For Unpaid Tickets?

One of the problems that will just not go away, no matter how much you ignore it, are unpaid traffic tickets and citations.

There are a lot of repercussions and consequences that come with accumulating unpaid traffic tickets; and some of them include:
• Suspension of driver’s license
• Increase of your car insurance cost
• Damage to your credit score
• Loss of license

While these repercussions are not as a result of negligence of just one ticket, the punishments can actually be attracted if you fail to pay a number of traffic tickets; and the specific number of unpaid tickets is usually varying according to the state.

What you need to find out from your local and state DMV is the stipulations that your state places on failure to comply with ticket payments, and how many payment violations can result in serious consequences like suspension or revoking of your driver’s license.

How can I check to see if my driver’s license has been suspended
Finding out the status of your driver’s license is important, as you do not want to be caught driving around with a suspended or even worse, revoked, license.

Your state DMV should mail you a notice of the suspension of your driver’s license, if there is need for it. But, if there is any reason why they are unable to, or you do not receive this notice, you can request for a copy of your driving record.

This driving record issued from the DMV will let you know what state your driver’s license is – if it has been suspended, or is still clear, the information and circumstances surrounding acquired tickets, and the points you have acquired from accidents, parking tickets, and other driving violations. This record can usually cover as far back as 10 years.

When will my Suspension be over?
The length of time that comes with a suspended driver’s license usually varies according to each state law, and the type of violation you committed, which prompted the suspension.

How can I reinstate my Suspended Driver’s License?
If you have had your driver’s license suspended due to unpaid tickets, there are still things you can do to get it reinstated. You must remember that although you are taking steps to get your driver’s license reinstated, the tickets are still a part of the deal, and you will need to pay up and clear all of the fees associated with the tickets.
• Pay up all of your ticket fees
• Pay a license reinstatement fee
• Make a court case

There will also be paperwork involved with reinstating your license, and the fees that also come with this paperwork. It is best to make enquiries from your local DMV on the best ways to go about reinstating a suspended driver’s license in your state.

In the event that an individual is unable to cover the costs of paying all of the accumulated ticket fees, they can appear in court and make a case for their fines to be reduced or amended. The court may afford the individual with a plan where each month, a portion of the tickets are paid, to ease the burden of making an upfront full payment.
An alternative to paying the ticket fees is asking for payment via community service.

For further advice on how to handle traffic tickets, you might want to consider consulting a lawyer. If you are from San Francisco, you can consult a suspended license lawyer san Francisco to solve the problem. If you are from Orange County, you will find ticket attorney Orange County helpful for your cause. No need to worry about our unpaid tickets as long as you know how to resolve it by taking help of a lawyer.

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