Benefits of Drugs

DrugBenefitsYou all might have heard about the drawbacks / disadvantages of inhaling drugs (alcohol, tobacco, heroine,..etc.). But have you ever thought that are there any advantages of inhaling drugs.

YES, there are…

Apart from disadvantages, Drugs do also have certain benefits on their own. Due to which, the persons taking these drugs, in simple terms, drug-addicts also benefit from these.

So today I am going to describe here some of the “Benefits of Drugs”.

A drug-addict

1. Never become old / Always remain young

Drug-addict have age boon. They never become old. Surprised ???

A drug-addict life becomes narrow, he dies in very early age. Drugs enhance breathes per minute. Spiritually saying, say if GOD has provided x breathes that a normal man consumes in 60 years. Drug-addict finishes that in 30 years. S where is his old age. And scientifically also, Drug-addicts die early than non ones.

2. No thief enters in home

A drug-addict is unable to sleep through the night. He coughs, sneezes, cries in pain, takes sleeping tablets but then also many a times is unable to sleep. So a person who is awaken in the night, how a thief can enter in his house.

3. Has Huge Family

A drug-addict takes drugs. Sufferings, diseases gather him all around. He is never alone, always with his dearest diseases. Friends and relatives all try to escape going near him. His only friends and relatives are his diseases. So these diseases now constitute his family that do not leave him even if the person asks them to do. Obviously, a giant family.

4.No dog bites

A drug-addict’s body becomes like any old damaged car. He is unable to walk n his own, not even able to stand properly. At this, he needs stick as a help in the form of his third leg. So a person who is having every time a stick in his hand, how a dg can dare to bite him?

Never hesitate calling an authorized drug addiction helpline if you need help dealing with substance abuse-related problems.


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