Holi-the festival of colors

Holi, the festival of colors, is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm, all over the India. People throw colors on each other. Children stand on the roof of their houses and throw balloons filled with colored water on the passing people from their streets or roads. Children especially celebrate this festival. Even Bollywood doesn’t keep itself away from it.

Story of celebrating Holi

Its been said that the reason behind celebrating holi is when Hirnayakashyap’s sister Holika (who was having boon that fire can’t do her anything), sat on fire, with Prahlad in her lap. But at everyone’s surprise, she burnt and died but Prahlad, who had firm faith in God, returned safe.

The boons are for self and others well-being, not for misusing them on anyone.

Holi is the victory of good over bad.

This was something about Holi.

I too love playing holi with my friends. We do throw colors, water on each other. That’s how we celebrate this festival.

And indeed, it should be the way of celebrating such a festival.


What to avoid on Holi

Some people, on this day, drink, abuse, and fight with each other which should be avoided at all, atleast on such festivals. Some say that this is their way of celebrating any festival. According to them, this is the only right way and it should be adopted by all. They don’t know the real sense and reason of the great fest and they even don’t want to learn it. Is this the correct method to practice such wrong deeds and that too on such a pious day?

You people, how you all celebrate this holy holi…

Please post your comments.

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  1. Apnon ka pyaar
    rangon ki bochhar
    yahi hai holi ka tyohaar

    Happy holi to u

  2. Ritu Sharma

    Sehwag ne aaj hum sabko holi ka gift dia

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