Oceanofweb.com Theme changed

Today, I changed my blog’s (https://www.oceanofweb.com) theme. Till now, my blog’s theme was ‘Prosense Theme’. Staying for a month with Prosense, today I adopted a new theme, XMark, for my blog. So my journey with Prosense ends today.

For a successful blog, it’s true that the content, the articles, play a vital role. But if theme is attractive and user friendly, it keeps a great part in attracting traffic.

When I thought of starting my blog, I goggled a lot for a good WordPress theme. As a starter and a widget-lover, I needed a theme having good support for widgets. So I selected Prosense.

Prosense theme is good and optimized for easily blending of Google Adsense. But XMark seemed more charming to my eyes.

While surfing the web, I came to know about XMark. Apart from providing good readability to users, XMark has built-in support for many plugins like ShareThis, Flickr etc.


I hope my blog’s readers will all like this new theme.

I hope this will add a further step in the coming successful days of oceanofweb.com.

Update on 13 May 2011

My blogs readers are enjoying the new theme and I am getting traffic too. But still traffic is not upto the mark. I want awesome and impressive one. But I know and hope that soon I will achieve my target. For this, I am working very hard. Me and my brother both are working too much. He is taking care of all marketing and I need to write articles and work as an editor/author and people love my writing-skills.

What you all say? How do I write –Good, bad or Average?

Please share your views. Thanks for visiting.

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