Is it right to call Raju a fraud?

Ramalinga Raju, ex-chairman of Satyam, a name that is familiar to every common man today. Raju did 8000 crores rupees fraud in Satyam shares.

But is it worth calling Raju as a fraud?

If we go on by that Satyam employee’s mail, we are forced to think that Raju alone can’t be blamed for all this. We develop a great sympathy for him then.

But was Raju doing all this for people of the country, not for himself.

The mail states that he acts as a selfish father in putting a lot at stake for Maytas.

But the persons that have indulged their money in Satyam shares, aren’t they father of anyone. Do they not have any desires? Can’t they act as selfish fathers?

The mail also states that no company provides so much freedom to its employees. Satyam Employees used to swap each others ID cards. But had this been the case, it’s the management responsibility to hold a check on the employees. If this can’t be possible, its organization fault, it shows lack of control of management.

The mail states that several people were on bench in Satyam.


I think in every such MNC, this is very common. Now due to recession, the number of employees on bench might have been drastically reduced but generally it is so. The companies have to keep the buffer of employees.

The mail states that he stood Satyam on his own shoulders and that too in a country like India where opening a beetle-shop is too challenging task.

Yes, I do very well agree to this statement. And I do thanks Raju for such work. He outshined name of India everywhere in the world.

The mail also states that he donated Rs.12000 crores from his own personal pocket, to pay January month salary of Satyam employees. Yes, for this act also, we all should salute Mr. Raju. May be any reason, but this was good for someone. Atleast, for those who is only earner for his family.

But on the other hand, what Raju did was not right. I do agree, that it can be that he became more emotional as a person, as a father, as a citizen, as a ….

But anyhow the reason may be, what he did is not as per the Human Law. Several share-holders of Satyam bankrupted at the moment. What about the future of those 54k employees (as in mail), and though, at the time when the world is suffering from global economic recession. Before taking any decision, one should forecast on the consequences.

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