Start-up companies:A new business in town

A start-up or a start-up company can be simply defined as setting up of new business in a form of a company. These start-ups are not only limited to a particular field and almost all sectors of societies be it education, health or leisure etc. have a start-up company. Due to their nature of largely being an online company or a ‘dot com’ company, it is believed that start-up companies are generally tech companies. In today’s time we see many varied start-up companies surfacing and despite these companies facing challenges in their process of establishments, their end results with the services they provide are truly beneficial. Let’s see how important start-up companies are:

Employment opportunities
This is the basic benefit of a start-up company! With the diverse start-ups coming up, the employment opportunities have increased for the youth. A start-up company is always on the lookout for new employees who will work efficiently for the company. In their race to reach the top, these companies strive to strengthen their roots among their competitors and hence a good workforce helps the company achieve success. Such a situation helps the young adults choose from a pool of varied jobs and gain employment in a company which best suits their interests. Even our country’s Prime Minister believes in the concept of ‘Start up company’ and considersthe start-ups, technology and innovation as an exciting and effective instrument for India’s transformation and for creating jobs for the youth.

Convenient for consumer
A start-up company works towards making lives of their customers easy and aims at increasing the convenience for consumers. I like to think that a start-up company is the answer that fills up the void and loopholes in the country’s education, health, infrastructure, sanitation, leisure, food sectors. Each problem and shortcomings within these and plenty other sectors of the country is a basis for start-ups to solve these issues and at the same time create a business around it. The multiple start-up companies featured in,,, and many such websites will prove that a start-up company is based on a single idea that transforms into a business company to provide best services to its consumers, clients and customers. The user has a plenty of options within a single sector, let’s say, Education for example, to choose from and can compare and opt for the services of the best company.

In concluding, the ever-rising growth in the number of new start-up companies, in the future would only prove valuable. A firm support from the government by encouraging competition andlabor mobility, simplifying tax codes and payment systems through tax clarity and proper licensing and more programmes like the ‘Digital India’ programme, for example, which would assist in promoting these start-ups, would certainly inspire many young entrepreneurs and bring in many business investors. Through these start-ups the young minds would find a platform to contribute significantly in the country’s economy and solve issues in the working systems of not only the country but also the world.

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