How Speaking Pictures are different: Break the Normal Photography Rules

Taking pictures is a very controlled process. For instance, we are all told to smile, and do things which are predefined. But does that really put up our emotions first? Probably not! It is important to capture real emotions in life. Keeping that in mind, Yash Mishra, an aluminous of the prestigious IIT thinks that speaking pictures are the new age of image sharing and soon can surpass conventional way of image sharing.

speaking pictures

Here are some rules that you are not required to follow when it comes to speaking pictures
1. Smile: You don’t have to smile – unless you want to. Speaking pictures have proved that human emotions are far more important than a particular set of emotions, and that’s why you can forego smile for something more natural. Speaking pictures help you put up anything without really worrying about the exact emotion.

2. Captions: Ever thought of how you are going to present the image to someone whom you care about? Well, that’s a thing of past. With speaking pictures, that rule isn’t effective anymore. You can easily embed the recording to the picture and it would just work fine.

3. Sounds: Were you ever able to write the sound that you make while you yawn or jump? Well, we can look at some writing book and figure it out. However, does that really work for you? Well, we know that it was a limitation, and we never had a choice, but with the advent of speaking images, all that has changed. Now, you could record the sounds with the memories and make them immortal.

4. Studios/Cameras: A smartphone with a speaking picture app like Voxweb doesn’t make things happen magically, however, since the images are complemented with sound, it allows users to get a better exposure. Think about a perfect holiday or a trip to some far off city, you may not always have a good camera handy. What if you take a picture around the beach with the lovely soft sound of water hitting the shore.

All these factors make an image look brilliant, and the sound perfectly works for adding more vibrancy. Speaking pictures defy the conventional rules of image capturing. It presents a completely different and innovational way for taking pictures.

Voxweb, the app for speaking pictures, is available for free download. It can be either downloaded from the app store or Google play store for free of cost. There is no fee for using the app or capturing images.

Speaking pictures have orange lines beneath the pictures symbolizing that it has speech attached to it.

Voxweb is taking the world of internet by storm and is making a sustainable difference in the way people used to take pictures and also the way they used to share them. You too can join the vibrant community and get onto the world full of optimism and brilliant pictures.

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