The Ultimate Guide to Clean your iPhone Externally

Take a good look at your iPhone. Notice the grease, grime, grit and other dirt on it? Who knows how long it has been there, and the damage it’s causing to your device’s functions. So, you should take action before things get worse.

But which part of your iPhone should you clean first? Can you prevent some parts from catching dirt in the future? Is it important to use a cleaning solution or will a normal dry cleaning cloth do? These are the questions that’ll pop up in your head when you consider cleaning your iDevice.

While you’re not doing a DIY repair, it’s important to know the answers to start off on the right foot. Below we’ve listed all the measures you need to take to get through with cleaning an iPhone.

1. Clean & Secure Your Touchscreen
Shut down your device before cleaning the touchscreen. Then take a microfiber cloth and wipe the screen from bottom to top gently to remove any fingerprints. A rubbing circular motion should be used on substances that can’t be removed easily. If the touchscreen has some grime that can’t be removed with a dry cloth, you can dampen it a little by moistening it with a few water drops, and then reapply it on the hard-to-remove substance.

After cleaning the touchscreen, the next thing you should do is protect it from future damage. Accessories like tempered glass iPhone 7 screen protector, iPhone 6 screen protector, and versatile protectors for different iPhone models will prevent the touchscreen from scratches as well as from shattering and breaking. Tempered glass is made for iPhone users who don’t want to deal with the frustrating bubbling and resistance of plastic screen offerings.

2. Clear the Headphone Jack Pathway
You can clean the headphone jack pathway in several ways. The simplest tool is the air can. It can be used to blow out lint and dust that may have settled in the headphone jack’s area. You can also clean the headphone jack from the inside with a dry Q-tip. Another option is the paperclip and tape method. Take a regular tape and wrap it around a straight line paperclip (make sure the sticky side faces the ceiling). The tape should be in position firmly. Then insert it into the headphone jack’s end to pull out any debris or lint.

For protecting your headphone jack from catching dust in the future, invest in a pair of dummy plugs. They’re also called anti-dust plugs, and they work well to keep pocket lint, grime, dirt, sand and dust out of the ports, including the headphone jack’s port. Some sellers offer tear resistant and durable versions of these dust plugs, and there are color choices too to match the color of your iDevice.

3. Make the Back Shine & Secure It
If you haven’t secured the back of your iPhone with a case/cover, chances are it has scratches and debris. Therefore, you need to clean it to bring back your iPhone’s elegance, especially if you plan to sell your device in the near future. A dampened cloth would be enough to clean the back of the device, but a soft brush may be used if there’s a lot of dirt.

After cleaning the back, invest in a good case that offers strong resistance. This accessory will secure the back of the device against falls, shocks and drops. You can even put multiple accessories such as a back cover and a tempered glass protector to completely secure your iDevice investment. The cleaning processes, however, should be repeated once or twice in a month.

With these measures, your device will remain clean and safe for months (if not years) to come.

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