Orkut Attacked by Worm ‘Bom Sabado’

Orkut Worm Bom Sabado

Orkut is a very famous social networking site in India and also in across the whole world. But do you know what is going on in your orkut scrapbook this time. Did you find any scrap like ‘Bom Sabado’ in your scrapbook? Don’t think that it is sent by your any friend or by any other person. Actually it is a new worm that is attacking Google owned Orkut.

When I opened my account this afternoon, I found many scraps with the message ‘Bom Sabado’. I got shocked thinking why all friends are sending the same message. When I called some of those friends and asked them, I got shocked listening that none of my friends sent this type of message. Then I come to know that my orkut is being affected by the worm named Bom Sabado. This worm is created by someone from Brazil.

If any one open the worm infected page, at first that worm will hang your browser for some time, say for a minute or for some seconds and then a java script will run automatically. This will then automatically join you to his communities. After joining the communities, your scrapbook will be auto filled from the text ‘Bom Sabado’ showing your friends name as sender.

If your orkut is also affected by that worm or still if you find your scrap book safe, it is highly recommend you to please follow these below given steps:

Steps to follow if Orkut attacked by Virus

* Do not click any link under the scrap ‘Bom Sabado’.

* Delete all your scraps and communities with the text ‘Bom Sabado’.

* Don’t follow any community unless the issue is solved.

* Switch to the older version of Orkut.

* Clean all your browser’s cookies and cache.

* Do not reply any of the scrap related to that worm.

* It is also recommend changing the security question and password of your Google Orkut account.

* Log out from your Orkut account. If your browser is not allowing you to sign-out, follow the link ‘Sign Out from Orkut’.

* Till any further information or updates from the Google team, it is recommend to not login to your account for 48 hours.

* Stay away from the orkut for some time.

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