Google Hiring the Peoples

Google is the most popular website and biggest search engine in the world. However, considering today’s era, we can now say that Facebook, which is the most popular website of the world, has removed Google from number 1 position. For more on Popular networking sites, you can read here : Most Popular Networking Sites and, Is Facebook Going […]

Orkut Attacked by Worm ‘Bom Sabado’

Orkut is a very famous social networking site in India and also in across the whole world. But do you know what is going on in your orkut scrapbook this time. Did you find any scrap like ‘Bom Sabado’ in your scrapbook? Don’t think that it is sent by your […]

Doodle 4 Google Competition 2010

In your opinion, whose Doodle will shine on Google this year? Do you think that like last year, Gurgaon will be able to win this competition? What you all say about this? This is the second time Google is organizing the competition “Doodle for Google” for students. Last year, this […]

Google Software Hacked

Internet Giant Google’s software Gaia though which users can access through a wide range of google services just with a single-sign on was hacked, as per a media report originated on Tuesday. In Greek, Gaia means earth goddess and the mother of Cronus. Gaia controls almost all the web-services of […]

Google Loves Me

Every blogger loves Google and in turn wants that Google also fell in love with him/her’s blog. For my site Ocean of Web, this dream came true when few days back, Google updated its PageRank. The best thing of this time Page Rank Update is that Ocean of Web got […]

Google, Yahoo in Indian Elections

Yes, IT giants firstly Yahoo and now Google are participating in the coming LokSabha Elections of India. Recently, Yahoo had launched their website, Yahoo Elections site , specially developed for these Loksabha Elections.