Google Software Hacked

Internet Giant Google’s software Gaia though which users can access through a wide range of google services just with a single-sign on was hacked, as per a media report originated on Tuesday.

In Greek, Gaia means earth goddess and the mother of Cronus. Gaia controls almost all the web-services of Google.

One of Google’s employee in China was using Microsoft’s messenger when the hackers asked him to click on a link, which took him to a fake sit and hackers took control of his systemand then subsequently all the network computers of Google’s headquarters California. And thus, Multi-Access-Password software of Google hacked.

The attack was in December 2009, which was first publicly disclosed on January 12, 2010.

This attack led to serious tensions between the 2 countries – china and US. Hillary Clinton forced china to conduct an inquiry into the matter.

Immediately, after theft incident, google tightened the security systems of its data centers and the user’s computers accessing google’s services. Though still it is using Gaia, now known as ‘Single-Sign-On’.

It’s really an achievement for the hackers to hack the Internet dominant power softwares and websites but again bad on part of big G. Big G said that they are more strict and have adopted more security measures from now onwards. They said that now it would be almost impossible for anyone to make a prey to their systems.

With this hacking, questions were raised on the company’s security and the accounts of millions of their users. People were concerned of their secret accounts and credentials. It’s obvious that if a company can’t protect their system and that too which is so important then there’s always a risk of others users accounts. Some users contain their precious information that they can’t share with anyone in their accounts and as such, some of them became serious on this incident. However, the company was able to satisfy the people and said that they have taken all preventive measures against the fraud. They said that internet can’t be 100% secure but yes can be prevented to a great extent and that’s what they did and are doing now. They are concerned with all the peoples data that have relationship with them and have trusted them. They further added that So, to protect them is their responsibility and they will try their best that they do not get any complaints anyday. They said that it’s not always true that hackers become successful in hacking and revealing the secret informations. Sometimes by chance, if it happens, they are 24×7 available to recover that loss. So, users need not to worry in any case.

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